Two banners of #LaFamilia such as Quino Colom, world champion, and Miquel Salvó, Intercontinental and Basketball Champions League champion, have staged this cancer stopper on behalf of the entire Spanish basketball team, thus joining the forceful awareness campaign launched for CRIS against cancer starring Montse and Pepe, two cancer survivors, with a clear motto: “We investigate. We won”.

In this viral video of support, the two international players highlight the importance of research and ask for the collaboration of civil society in, the solidarity challenge platform enabled by CRIS against cancer where there are all kinds of solidarity actions and initiatives to raise funds for research.

“In La Familia we help CRIS against cancer to stop cancer: We investigate, we win. Help us”, both players explain in the video recorded coinciding with the concentration of the Spanish basketball team to prepare for the important match that will face Ukraine in order to qualify for the 2023 World Cup.

About CRIS against cancer

The CRIS Foundation against Cancer is an independent organization created more than 10 years ago, non-profit and dedicated to the promotion and development of research to end cancer. It is currently financing 53 lines of research for adult and pediatric cancer, has developed more than 300 clinical trials and its CRIS Research Programs are an international reference.