Marta Fernández and José Antonio Luque were in charge of presenting the event that opens the curtain on the 2022 summer of the Spanish basketball team, which will play the EuroBasket in Georgia, Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany from September 1 to 18.

The event was held at the Daoiz y Velarde Municipal Sports Center in Madrid, with the presence of the media, institutions and sponsors of the national team.

Jorge Garbajosa: “We will return with our heads held high”

The president of the FEB affirmed that “We come from a very exciting start to the summer in training categories, which assures us of the future. And now comes a selection that is the fruit of the work of the clubs and that carries a trajectory. In 2017, when we prepared the qualification for the 2019 World Cup, there was a plan worked out with Sergio. And we are in that cycle. There are five world champions, there is a large block of players from the qualifying ‘windows’, there are players with injuries who want to be with the national team… I don’t know if we will win a medal, but we will come back with our heads held high.”

Sofía Miranda: “I would ask you to enjoy this championship”

The Madrid City Council was represented by the delegate councilor of the Sports Area of ??the Madrid City Council, who wanted “Thank the confidence of the Federation. For me it is a special day because basketball is the sport in which I failed but from which I learned all the values ??that I have. And because in this facility many kids train who have you as references. I would ask you to enjoy yourself, because surely the results will come that way”

Sergio Scariolo: “We have to build a team”

The national coach pointed out that “This is not the time to think about goals, but to focus on doing what we have done on other occasions: building a team. That is the starting point and we will see where the competition takes us. We must value the commitment of veterans, with very long seasons and different family situations. At the very least, they have been able to transmit that team spirit to the rest.”

Rudy Fernández: “The same illusion as in 2004”

The team captain assured that “In 2004 I was able to enjoy the Games in Athens with my sister. And now in 2022 I have the same illusion and we are going to fight to put the team as high as possible. There are many players who come to the national team with physical problems and try to give it their all every summer. It is very exciting, but it creates a lot of responsibility, because there are many medals and titles that seemed impossible to achieve. It has to be an honor to come with the national team and represent your country.”

Sergio Llull: “We want to do things right”

Second captain, with more than 150 caps, the Menorcan stated that “It is a privilege to be here, with these teammates, to wear this shirt… we are looking forward to this new challenge. I see a lot of desire, a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of commitment. We want to do things right. The Gasols, Felipe and Navarro have transmitted to us some values ??that we now transmit to the young people.”

Juancho Hernangómez: “As long as I can come, I’ll be with the national team”

The international player confessed that “It was a dream come back to this concentration, for me and for my family. As long as I can come, I will continue to do so” Regarding his facet as an actor, he assured that “It has been a unique experience, very hard and I feel very proud. I think it will last a lifetime, just like medals or titles.”

Willy Hernangómez: “It is a responsibility to be one of the veterans”

The Madrid pivot recalled that “The 2017 experience was special, because it was the first time I shared it with my brother. And I think that I value that bronze more as the years go by. We always have to aspire to more. It is a very difficult objective, and the competition will put us in its place, but we are not giving up anything. It is a responsibility to be one of the veterans of the team, and it is an illusion to have that importance over the youngsters. And above all, enjoy and have fun.”

Juan Nuñez: “I have to take advantage of the experience”

Juan Nuñez, the youngest of the group, pointed out that being with the national team “It is a great illusion, an award for the work done in the training categories and now I have to take advantage of the experience.”

The coach Sergio Scariolo and the 22 pre-selected teams begin training in Madrid this Tuesday before playing a total of four tour matches against Greece in Athens (August 9) and Madrid (August 11) and against Lithuania in Gran Canaria (August 16). August) and Vilnius (August 18). Subsequently, Spain will play the first two matches of the second qualifying phase for the 2023 World Cup against Iceland in Pamplona (August 24) and in the Netherlands (August 27).