The Spar Girona captain recognizes the requirement of the new format of the LF Endesa Super Cup. “Now you have to win two games to win the cup, you have to prepare better,” said the player, who in turn ensures that competitiveness at LF Endesa continues to increase. “Each time is harder”.


After the raffle held at the Casino de La Laguna, begins the countdown of an LF Endesa de Tenerife Super Cup that will offer two exciting semifinals with the matches Spar Girona-Perfumerías Avenida (17:00) and Clarinos Tenerife-Valencia Basket (19:30).

Thus, the season will open with a classic in which the Queen’s Cup champion and the League and Super Cup champion will fight to reach the final. The captain of the SPAR Girona, Laia Palau values ??the new competition format and the growth of LF Endesa, which is becoming more demanding every day.

“It is the first title of the season at the national level, with the new format I give it a lot of importance“, he pointed. “To get the first trophy of the season now you have to win two games and that forces the teams to prepare much better”He added.

Regarding the rival of the semifinals, Palau commented that Perfumerías Avenida is “the team to beat for being the league champion and runner-up in Europe, it was a very solid team last year and even though we are in the preseason we have to hope they perform at their best ”.

For the base, the opponent who came out of the draw was indifferent because on the other side of the table are Valencia Basket “a team that stomps and is one more competitor in the fight for the titles”And a Clarinos Tenerife that “You will want the cup to stay at home.” It’s getting harder and harder and that’s better for the league “, he counted.

Spar Girona continues to work on the adaptation of new players such as Binta Drammeh or Rebekah Gardner, two players who will contribute physique to the Gironi team and to which a classic of the category such as Astou Traoré is now joining.

“We maintain the block from last year, Laia Flores is another of our incorporations but having made the final stretch with us, her adaptation has been very fast.”He added.

Palau and Flores will be in charge of keeping the tempo of a Spar Girona that always bid for victory. “I think we will make a good pair, during this summer with the National Team I have seen him with great intensity and rhythm, we will find the rhythm between his legs and my head.”

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