If reaching 200 absolute internationals is already a milestone within the reach of very few, arrive and exceed 300 it is reserved solely for the great legends. Laia Palau He has achieved it this Thursday in Córdoba, in the third preparation match of the National Team for the 2021 Eurobasket Women in Valencia (June 17-27). He has become the only player in the history of Spanish basketball to look such an extraordinarily round figure.

The historic captain made her debut for the National Team in the summer 2002 games to prepare for the World Cup in China, and since then not a year has passed without donning the Spain jersey. In his first summer he already added 21 caps, between friendlies and officials. And in others – as in 2008, 2015 and 2016 – it reached 20. It can be said, then, that she has been an essential player for the six coaches who have led the National Team in all these years: Vicente Rodríguez, Domingo Díaz, Evaristo Pérez , José Ignacio Hernández, Víctor Lapeña and Lucas Mondelo.

In this long trajectory he has participated to date in 9 EuroBasket, 3 Olympic Games and 4 World Cups, as well as in qualifying phase matches for Europeans and the Olympic Games. In addition to 142 preparation friendlies, including this Thursday.

Laia leads the global Top of absolute internationalities of Spanish basketball, championing the only 14 basketball players who to date have exceeded 200: 8 players and 6 players. From Laia’s 300 to Carolina Múgica’s 202. A select club of stars that are part of the history of Spanish basketball.

The club with the 200 or more caps in Spanish basketball

300, Laia Palau
258, Amaya Valdemoro
253, Marina Ferragut and Juan Carlos Navarro
252, Betty Cebrián
244, Luci Easter
239, Epi
236, Felipe Reyes
224, Rudy Fernandez
222, Elisa Aguilar
222, Nino Buscató
208, Pau Gasol
204, Ana Belén Álvaro
202, Carolina Mujica