ANDhe new coach of CB Gran Canaria, Jaka Lakovic, stated in his first press conference that he “seeks excellence” for the team, “connects with the fans” and that the game “is exciting”.

The new member of the yellow formation has indicated that he is “very eager, excited and ambitious”, because it is a team “that competes to win at a very high level” for which he also assumes the position “with great responsibility”.

He has pointed out that his basketball philosophy is “clear”, that of “creating and training the best squad” and also “adjusting to what has been built”.

Bet on “aggressive defense and good rebounding to gain options to play fast” based on “a lot of ball movement and dynamic play”, for which it will be “key” to have a formation that “has chemistry on and off the pitch” .

Likewise, it seeks that “everyone is involved in the game and that everyone is and feels important”, and promises to be “very demanding”.

Lakovic has stated that “starting from humility, we have to be more demanding with ourselves on a day-to-day basis, seeking excellence not only in matches”, because these are the result of hard work.

“If we do it well on a day-to-day basis and in the goals we set for ourselves, the results will come”, he considers.

The new coach of the Gran Canarian team has defined himself as “a born worker” with experience as a player that will help him understand them, connect with them and know “when to push, when they suffer, when to pamper them and what to ask of them”.

He has played in great teams in Europe and “worked and studied a lot” alongside coaches who are benchmarks, and that “adds to the experience learned as a player”.

He assures that his career has allowed him to “try and get to know several styles of basketball, different schools”, and thus know “what to stay with and what not to do” and that has given him the option of creating “my own coaching philosophy”.

The reasons that led him to decide on CB Gran Canaria “were clear”, he assured, because “it is a huge step forward in my coaching career”.

The negotiations began once it was confirmed that his predecessor on the bench was not continuing, Porfi Fisac, and he says he is focused on “building a team so that with work in the summer, in winter we could sleep well.”

He arrives on the island “with the ambition of doing the best he can and with the aim that our basketball excites the fans and brings us closer to them”, creating a firm “bridge” between the track and the stands.

He has confirmed his confidence in the second coach, Víctor García, whom he has defined as “one of the best possible assistants in the ACB League”, with whom he works every day to “start building” the best decisions for the team, not for me, but for the team.

He has not advanced new names for the team because they are still in the negotiation phase, “he could name up to 20 possible point guards at this time”, although he is clear about “the profile” he is looking for: one that fits his way of playing and his way of being , and that he be a good teammate, which is “essential” for “the team to be a team.”

In his opinion, he is looking for someone who “works well and has the quality of a player, but first who fits into a team with good chemistry that is compatible on and off the pitch”, because “storms will come and getting out of them is easier when he is a United team”.

Lakovic has outlined the balance between “character, quality and team” among his main axes to make “a good signing” that will largely be determined by quotas.

He has indicated that in the face of rumors of casualties and signings, he is committed to “a stage of transparency” and good “communication” with the fan and will be informed of the decisions when they are official, because for now “nothing can be confirmed” .

He has not ruled out the continuity of Dylan Ennis, and has indicated that “all options” are being “assessed” with the club.