ANDl Real Madrid consolidated his leadership one more day (24-1) after defeating Coosur Betis (95-77), a combative rival who dropped to the knee in the third quarter. The Sevillians endured until a great Laprovittola (16 points with 4/6 triples and 5 assists) blew up the zone defense ordered by Joan Plaza with three triples in a row (one of them with an additional) in 1.08 minutes, who put a red carpet to the triumph of the whites, who enjoyed the young green shoots Vukcevic (11 points with 2/3 triples + 4 + 2), on a day when TavaresIt was about time, it was not essential and he was able to rest a bit.

Laso put into play a very physical quintet in which Tavares, Garuba, Taylor and Deck they were the defensive pillars that then allowed them to unleash their prolific attack. With 4/9 triples in the first act, they soon put land in the middle (13-6, min 7). But Betis, misguided from the perimeter (1/5 s3), was able to survive from the rebound (8-11) and taking advantage of the output of Tavares and the entrance of Abalde as a base circumstantial due to Alocen’s injury (18-14, min 10).

The threes by Thompkins, Causeur and Carroll they stretched the gum more (27-19, min 14). The Sevillians stopped the blow with two triples and tireless work in the zone of Ndoye (29-25). Laso continued to shake the cocktail shaker, even allowing Vukcevic. A 3 + 1 of the young Serbian power forward (2.08 m and 18 years) and the return of Tavares they shot the targets (44-32, min 19). But two Randle triples and the rebound (21 with 8 offenses) gave oxygen to the Betis (44-38, min 20).

And Laprovittola drew his rifle to sentence

After the break, the Sevillians they were placed in an area which worked for a few minutes. Alone Deck was able to get Madrid out of the initial collapse in the first instance, until it appeared Laprovittola to blow up the defense of the Betis. The Argentine scored three triples in a row (one of them with additional) to put the leader into orbit (65-51, min 28), which before the last act increased his income even more by means of Garuba and from the base (70-51),

The whites didn’t even give time to Betis to take the blow, and with triples by Causeur and Thompkins they made it clear that the game was over (76-56, min 23). The Sevillians, with Ndoye more liberated after leaving Tavares to the bench to rest, they could barely exchange baskets. And Laso was able to give minutes of experience to Vukcevic, who played the entire last quarter in a game that no longer had a history (95-77).

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