ANDl argentinian Nico Laprovittola changed Real Madrid for Barcelona this summer, changed Laso for Jasikevicius and in this last month of competition he is showing that he can be a very important player in the Lithuanian’s schemes. The former MVP ACB analyzed in Radio MARCA beside Javi Amaro, Raúl Fuentes and Carlos Santos, his landing at the Blaugrana club and the challenges that await ahead.

On his confidence in the game: “I believe a lot in the way I play and how I can enjoy and have fun on the pitch. The important thing is all the work I have been doing in my career, which has always been to work and want a little more. “.

On the differences of the Barça-Madrid game: “Saras asks me for different things because it’s a different team, but I didn’t really change my game that much. I think everyone already knows what my strengths are and which ones are not so much and you have to try to bring out the good things. All the staff believed in my game to help the team grow and things are going well. but there is a lot of season left. Adapting has been easy. “

Barça’s potential: “Despite the casualties we have played solid games and in which the players who weren’t having so much prominence are taking a step forward. The team aspires to everything, but there are many other teams that are also well armed.”

In Madrid I learned to live with criticism. My stage in Madrid is very close

Nico Laprovittola, base of FC Barcelona

The requirement: “If you want to win titles and fight for everything, you have to demand a lot, everything you can and more because it is the way to compete today. As soon as you relax, the one behind you eats you. “

Does it help that Laso and Jasikevicius have been the bases to grow ?: “I don’t know if Pablo and Saras played the same way we play today. They understand the position, they understand what it is like to lead a team forward and win and having them as coaches helps in the base position but I don’t know if Saras or Pablo defended as much as they ask us “.

The Euroleague, the big goal: “There is a special desire for all the titles, we lost the Super Cup and it hurt. When you come second and lose a title, It is normal that you have it between the eyebrows and I think it is good that we have it as a special wish because it is the way to face the Euroleague. To win it you have to have a very great desire “.

Having coaches like Laso or Saras has helped me grow as a point guard, they understand the game, but I don’t know if they defended as much as they ask us now

Laprovittola, in ‘A Diario’

Did you feel the focus of criticism in Madrid ?: “During all my time in Madrid, but I think I learned to live with that and I did not go very crazy. I always play for the team with my style of play. My stage in Madrid is very close and I only think of Barcelona. I am very happy and expectant with everything we can do this year. I’m in a good moment and I’m trying to enjoy it. “

Bad luck that Messi left the year that I arrived. All I can say is that we are both enjoying where we are

Nico Laprovittola, FC Barcelona player

Memory of Maradona on the anniversary of his death: “A year ago it was a tough day for a lot of people. Diego is the most Argentinian Argentine there can be, with his mistakes, with his successes … he was always unique. It’s nice to remember it and it’s not nice not to have it. “