game crisiscrisis of results and even crisis identity. It is the reality of a Real Madrid unrecognizable and who has placed Pablo Laso on the wire. The technician is seriously questioned in the club for the second time since he came to the bench in 2011. The other occasion was at the end of the 13-14 season, when he had one foot out. Midway through the season, he had never been in a situation like this. Potholes, yes. Deep sinkholes like the current one, never.

His main supporter within the entity, above the head of the basketball section, is Florentino Perez. The president considers a legend -what it is- after I have provided 21 titleswill refloat the madridista basketball and has led one of the brightest stages of his story with a attractive, recognizable and influential game in all Europe. But within the club there are other voices that they believe that Laso has lost control of the locker room and that the situation is irretrievable. They also think it shows the wear of a position that devoured trainers until he arrived.

Bad streak of Real Madrid

surprise mutation of a team that swept the Euroleague and in the Endesa League with a balance of 34-4 in all competitions through Jan. 23 and now threatens ruin: six defeats in the last nine games, four in a row at home in the domestic competition… It gives the impression of being a broken group. There is no game and there is hardly any soul, one of the imprints that had never been lost. The game, permanently blocked in attack, and the body language of the players do not invite us to think of a speedy recovery.

Beyond the physical exhaustion of the last few weeks due to the heavy calendar, the team suffers structural problems since the start of the season. With repeated chromes, offensive talent deficit, lack of direction and outside shooting. It is a very long squad, perhaps the longest in the history of Madrid, but also the one that least adapts to ‘Lasismo’characterized by a great offensive capacity, the fluidity in attack, the speed, the success from the triple… There is none of that right now.

In the next few days, the whites face three games. This Tuesday they visit the Red Star in a tough start in the Euroleague, on Thursday they host Armani Milan in another difficult commitment and the weekend they travel to Burgos in the Endesa League. It’s a big week in Madrid with the second leg of the tie for the Champions before him PSG. The club only has eyes for that, but basketball appointments can be decisive in the future of the season: reaction or depression, continuity or…