Paul Laso has the entire team for Sunday’s Clásico against Barça (6:30 p.m.) except Fabien Causeur. This means that Rudy Fernandez and Walter Tavares They have recovered after their positive for Covid and that Deck could return to the Endesa League.

About the Argentine forward, who already made his debut in Berlin in the Euroleague, the coach from Vitoria was very eloquent about his adaptation. “He needs filming, but that doesn’t mean he won’t play tomorrow. He’s a very important player and we have to get him into the dynamic as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to play tomorrow either. He knows the coaching staff, he knows the players and he knows where the restrooms are. That will advance the deadlines a lot. I see him well, but he needs time to readapt to a different demand and a different calendar”.

On the occasion of the duel, tribute will be paid to former international power forward Felipe Reyes, retired at the end of the previous campaign after seventeen seasons as a madridista, and who will have the opportunity, in minute 9 (the digit of the madridista shirt he wore), when the duel will stop, to jump onto the field and wave goodbye to the fans.

“TAll matches are special and if a classic already has a more special point, Felipe’s farewell makes it even more special. He has been a great player in Spanish basketball and Real Madrid. It is a well-deserved tribute for the great career he has had in our club and his behavior. I only have good words for him and it is a very emotional and deserved moment. Hopefully many people will go to the field to cheer on the team and witness this tribute to Felipe,” he said.

I keep seeing a very powerful Barça, a great team”

Pablo Laso, coach of Real Madrid

About the rival, Laso pointed out: “I still see a very powerful team, with many weapons, a lot of outside shooting and very decisive players in the low post. Also, they are good defensively. It is a very complete team. The calendar is demanding for all the teams and we have all had casualties. The rivals they have faced have played great games. The results do not have to mark the dynamics of the team.”