Pablo Laso has a contract with Real Madrid until June 2023. And he only thinks of fulfilling it despite the fact that the club, concerned about his health, is considering leaving him in the background by giving the reins of the team to Chus Mateo. The coach from Vitoria suffered a heart condition on June 5 that forced him to undergo a catheterization. He does not consider stepping aside and he only thinks about starting next season at the helm of the madridista teambut in the club they bet on caution and are in favor of not taking risks with their health.

The technician left the hospital two days later driving his own vehicle, which indicates that his health problem was not as serious as initially suspected. Although Laso did not lead any match, leaving that responsibility to his assistant Chus Mateowas present at the work sessions since he was discharged from the hospital, he attended the matches and had no problem attending the duel in which Madrid won the Endesa League title. he is perfectly and he is currently preparing the campus that he organizes every summer.

The doctor, fired for refusing to sign the discharge

The Madrid coach joined the team’s training sessions in the final stretch of the season, something that has caused a schism within the basketball section, since Dr. Miguel Ángel López has been fired arguing negligence. The club wanted to impose on him to sign the coach’s sick leave and he refused.

Pablo Laso, leaving the hospital driving his own vehicle.
Pablo Laso, leaving the hospital driving his own vehicle.TWITTER PABLO LASO

Laso’s relationship with the section manager hasn’t been the best for a long time. It should be remembered that In 2012, when the man from Vitoria landed on the white bench, he did so as a second option. The first, who came to be signed, was Jasmin Repesa. Only the Croatian’s desire to continue leading the country’s national team and the ACB’s rule of incompatibility of charges prevented him from taking possession of it. Who knows what the future would have held then. Hard to think of a brighter one than the one that arrived.

In 2014 he already had one foot out of the team

It is not the first time that Madrid wants to remove Laso from the bench. In 2014after that ACB final in which the coach left the Palau expelled and in a wheelchair after breaking his Achilles tendon, He was about to leave the team. The club was dismissing the closest collaborators of the coach while Fotis Katsikaris was then chosen to replace him. The following year, the whites won it all.

This same season, the Madrid coach was hanging by a thread in the middle of the bad series of results suffered by the team. It was Florentino Pérez who kept him. The president considers him a club legend after giving him 22 titles. By then they had already tried the options of Andrea Trinchieri and Xavi Pascualthe favorite of the section manager, as future replacements. With Laso’s heart condition, those two names were once again very popular in offices.

Heurtel, the last reason for friction

Thomas Heurtel has been the last reason for friction between Lasso and the person in charge of the section, who usually does and undoes transfers without consulting the coach. that’s how they arrived Mejri, Laprovittola or the French guard himselfsection next to Trey Thompson after one night out in Athens before a loss to Panathinaikos. The leader believes that With Heurtel’s contribution, Madrid would have won the Euroleague final against Anadolu Efes. The numbers, however, contradict that hypothesis. Since he did not play, the team revived: from January 30 until he was removed, the balance was 2-7 in the Euroleague and 3-4 in the Endesa League; later, 4-2 and 14-1 respectively.

Above all the rumors and noise, what has bothered the technician most since he had to go to the hospital is that some of his closest relatives learned the news through television and not from his own mouth, as the club was quick to leak his heart condition.