ANDhe former Real Madrid Argentine player and current coach of the Central Athletic Institute of Córdoba, Lucas Victoriano, went through ‘We Like Basket’ to analyze the bad moment of play and results that Pablo Laso’s team is experiencing in recent weeks.

Crisis at Real Madrid?: “I don’t see the Madrid project touched, I see a losing streak and it’s perfectly understandable. When there is a losing streak, a team needs to train, rest and go back to the starting sources. They still have the best coach in Europe and it’s still Real Madrid. You have to be patient”.

Doubts with Pablo Laso?: “I don’t think that people who understand a bit of basketball doubt Pablo Laso. He is an incredible coach and who is coming to do better than him? Yes, I think that the club needs to make a drastic change to its philosophy. Pablo has changed Real Madrid and European basketball because before his arrival, basketball was turning towards a game of low possessions. He went back to looking for the talent. I admire him a lot and I would be incapable of doubting him”.

The guards of Real Madrid: “It was very difficult to replace Chacho or Luka and they managed to do it. Replacing Facu is not being so easy. It seems to me that the point guards are good and that they have had bad luck. Now things look darker than they really are. In Europe there are no longer players like Facu, Luka or Chacho and I think the club will make a change at the end of the season.”

Facu Campazzo: “Facu I would fit in for sure at Real Madrid. I’m sure that Madrid needs Campazzo and that Campazzo needs Real Madrid too, but he is in the best league in the world and in a team that is going to play in the Playoffs and it is very difficult for him to throw in the towel. He is a winner and in the summer he can think about it, but I don’t see him leaving the NBA in the near future.”

I’m sure that Madrid needs Campazzo and that Campazzo needs Real Madrid, but I don’t see him leaving the NBA in the short term

Lucas Victoriano, former Argentine point guard for Real Madrid

The level of Laprovittola: “The only question I ask myself is if Saras did it by accident and if he signed him wanting to do that. He started to feel confident with Calathes’ injury and now that he’s back, they share the court and he’s playing even better. He seems very comfortable scoring and very comfortable not having to make his teammates play and leaving that responsibility to an expert like Calathes. He is very mature and I think he is having his best season.”

Gaby Deck: “It was expected that he would go from less to more. It is not easy not to play and he needs his physique and his confidence. I have the image of his last year in Madrid and I think he will be able to do it. Pablo trusts him a lot and with confidence he will once again be the Deck we all know.”

Coaching career: “The Argentine League is a lot of fun and I enjoy it a lot. I hope that destiny takes me to the ACB. I feel that the career is very similar to playing, training in your country and being able to make the leap. I have been a head coach for 5 years and one of my dreams is to be able to train at ACB”

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