Paul Lassocoach of Real Madriddid not hesitate to admit that they could “have played basketball much better” and acknowledged that he was going home “pissed off”.

It’s been a match in which it has been difficult for us to maintain concentration. We have had little initiative in the game. They have grown in the second and third quarter and then we reacted but we made bad decisions that Barcelona took advantage of,” Laso said.

I’m pissed off for my team, not for the referee’s decisions. I have a feeling that we could have played better basketball and we haven’t,” he added.

The coach claimed to have “the feeling of going after them for changing the rhythm too late. In that 66-68 we have also made mistakes as a result of the wear and tear that we had to do to get back into the game”.

Regarding some arbitration decisions, Laso spoke of “punctual decisions” that he should “see again, but there has been some situation that could have hurt us”, Pablo Laso concluded.