PAblo Laso, Real Madrid coach, highlighted the work and the heart of his team and stated that “in the two games in Madrid” they had known how to play “in a very intelligent way the last minutes“.

I would put on the same press conference the other day and we saved ourselves a whileLaso said with a big smile.I always congratulate my players, but today I have to do it louder. Our start was very good, we have taken a very big advantage but against rivals of this level you can go 17 up or 17 down at any time, “said Laso.

We have continued to believe. Our worst moment has been in the second quarter in which we were unable to score or defend. We couldn’t get to the free kick and they scored very easy, “he added.

The transformation of the team came in the second part.

“We changed defenses and managed to get back into the game in the second half. We play very smart the last minutes“, he highlighted.

“In the end I see that all the players have played. To compete at this level we need 30 seconds to the maximum the one who plays the least. It’s a win for the whole team. There is a lot of work behind this, “Laso said.

The physical problems accumulate and Trey Thompkins is also ‘touched’ in the knee.

“Many times you prepare things that you don’t get out later. This season we are getting everything out because everything happens to us. We have to reinvent ourselves every day. Character, effort and what the team has shown today is something I have never had any doubts about.. I have nothing but good words for the team’s work, “he said.

Trey (Thompkins) was telling me this morning that he was going to play, but his knee is badly hit. He is suffering because he has had to play many minutes and games. I hope it’s nothing serious and that I can count on him. Sunday will be difficult, but Tuesday yes, “he declared.

Regarding the partials, the coach said that “basketball has one thing that other sports don’t have and it is the time of possession. Here everything goes very fast, that’s why I am not surprised by the partials either for or against, “concluded Pablo Laso.