LPablo Laso’s spell at Real Madrid came to an end on Monday. After suffering a cardiac event just a month ago, the rectors of the basketball section decided pull the scalpel and dispense with your technicianwho had one year left on his contract “for medical reasons only and exclusively”, according to the official statement that the club made public around eight in the afternoon. But the ‘postoperative’ of this dismissal throws contradictions that do not fit with the final decision of the white team.

You are in perfect condition to train any professional team from now on

The cardiologist who treated Laso

The first and most surprising, that the still coach of the white team had received a medical discharge just two hours before the statement released by the club. Pablo Laso went to the Sanitas La Moraleja medical centerthe hospital where he was admitted on June 5 after suffering a coronary episode, Well, I had an appointment for a long time to undergo a medical check-up… and the club knew it. The head of cardiology who followed his process from the first day, after thoroughly examining him, gave him the final discharge. “You are in perfect condition to train any professional team from now on”, he told him, according to what MARCA has learned. A diagnosis that was supported yesterday by the surgeon who performed the catheterization the day before.

The club did not wait to know the medical review

A medical discharge that collides with the medical criteria of Real Madrid. It is surprising that the club, knowing that he was undergoing a review that afternoon, did not wait at least to know the opinion of the doctor who treated himwho knew more and better about his coach’s heart failure, before firing him. And it shows that he had the decision made regardless of the result of the review. That yes, the club admitted in its statement to have made “several consultations with doctors and specialists in cardiology and all of them have expressed the evident risk that for his health it supposes to continue at this time as a coach of the squad.” But he did not consult at any time the doctor who treated him and followed his evolution.


Real Madrid made the decision to dispense with your coach based on outside specialist opinionsall surely very valid, but they are still presumptions, mere conjectures. None of them examined him. Because those who did not consult were those who treated Laso on June 5 and have followed his recovery process in the last 30 days. In fact, and this is even more amazing, the only reliable report handled by the club was the one issued by the doctors who treated him after he was discharged two days after admission.

No doctor from Madrid did tests on him in a month

“The priority for the club is, before anything else, the health of Pablo Laso out of respect and affection for him,” the club said in its statement. No one doubts that this was the feeling of the club, but words should be backed up with facts, and more so in situations as delicate as this one. But the facts, on a medical level, were non-existent. In the 30 days that followed his hospital discharge, no doctor from Real Madrid’s renowned and qualified medical staff carried out any kind of test on his coach. No chest X-ray, no echocardiogram, no CT scan, no simple stress test…nothing.


The only contact between the rectors of the white team’s section with the club’s medical staff was the one they had with the section doctor, Miguel Ángel López, ‘urging’ him to discharge the coach. It did not seem right to them and they believed that there was a risk that the coach personally directed the training sessions during the ACB League final. But the basketball section doctor did not follow his recommendations. He saw no reason to take time off work due to a mishap that had not been the product of an accident at work and he also saw Laso fit. And that cost him the dismissal last week.

No one from the club accompanied him to his last medical check-up

And there is another fact that does not fit with the endearing phrase that Madrid used in its statement and we repeat for your interest: “The priority for the club is, above all, Pablo Laso’s health out of respect and affection for him.” The facts are again stubborn with the club. She didn’t seem to care much about his health when his coach (still with a contract in force) only attended a transcendental medical check-up on Monday. No doctor from the club and much less anyone in charge of the section went to accompany him to such an important query. As if they didn’t care what they might hear.


Yes, Pablo felt alone, abandoned to his fate, although after what happened last week, in which he was urged to take a sabbatical until March or April (yes, respecting his emoluments), he was no longer surprised. Had the club stopped worrying about his health after having already made the decision to do without him? Of course On that last visit to the hospital for a medical check-up, Laso did not feel supported by the club. Rather the opposite. Of “love and respect for him”, not a trace. Only receiving the definitive medical discharge made him recover his smile.

Via Marca.com