Dfter a meeting of just over an hour at the Ministry of Culture, the Government has asked for a margin of 24-48 hours to attend or reject the request of LaLiga and the clubs, and allow the audience to be in the stands. They argue that they need, as always, consensus with Health so that there can be fans in professional football stadiums in the last two days of First and four more the playoff in Second division. Also in the matches of professional basketball remaining from Liga Endesa ACB, and in the playoff end. Right now, the decision is up in the air.

Despite the fact that Minister Uribes has attended events with a large public presence, and that there are non-professional competitions that are hosting more than 7,000 fans, professional competitions, soccer and basketball, are still waiting for a decision that is inexplicable. And a flagrant lack of coherence between the Government and the Autonomous Communities.

In a meeting held in the Ministry of Culture between the Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Uribes and the Secretary of State for Sports, Jose Manuel Franco, together with the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has reached this final reflection period to make the decision, according to the Ministry of Health. The minister has also contacted, by telematic means, with the president of ACB, Antonio Martin.

The CSD already before last Christmas brought together Javier Tebas (LaLiga) already Antonio Martin (ACB) with the intention of returning at the end of January, but the third wave of the pandemic truncated that project. Since then, both the Council and LaLiga have worked on a progressive return of up to 25% of the capacity with a limit of 8,000 spectators in the most optimistic scenarios.

Now, everything is still in the air waiting to know if the fans will be able to of his team, at least in this final stretch.

Archive image of El Sadar, Osasuna stadium, without an audience in the stands.
Archive image of El Sadar, Osasuna stadium, without an audience in the stands.EFE

Rumor since the morning

Thebes I had left that door open at the breakfasts of Europa Press and there seemed to be some optimism. Was it worth it even for one or two games: “Out of respect for the fans, even if there are few games, being able to go to the stadium is a lot. Even if there are 5,000. There will be teams that will have gone through professional football and that, if they are relegated, none of their fans will have been able to see them live. The value of going, even if it is, to a game, is very important. We have been for many months with a collaborative stance, but we cannot go with an inconsistency. Who is wrong: Health or the Communities? “.

The possibility that some stadiums did have a limited public presence, although others did not, depending on what the autonomous communities allow, was also assessed. This possibility was already covered with the approval of the clubs in LaLiga. “Yes. We have approved it in the Delegate Commission. We must not suspend the entire competition due to a singular case. The clubs themselves in the Delegate Commission have said that forward, do not have an attack of integritis“, he assured.

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