It will be difficult to understand the next season of the LF Endesa without the presence on the slopes of a Laura Herrera that, since this Monday, is already part of the history of national basketball. One of those players capable of generating a special pose inside the changing rooms through which he has passed throughout his career and that he had been able to put in his pocket to a dozen hobbies of which he came to defend his shirt.

A career that began in a professional way in his land back in 2005 and that allowed him to break into the LF Endesa hand in hand with Move Students to stay in the competition for a dozen seasons.

Years in which she was one of the most outstanding national interiors for her dedication and work on the track and in which she was gaining a place in a competition in which she played various playoffs for the title, even winning one Queen’s Cup with Rivas Ecópolis.

But beyond the 407 matches played or of the sports titles and merits achieved throughout these years, the memory of Laura Herrera In the ten of the teams what has happened goes far beyond what is shown on the slopes. His fighting character and his human quality they were at all times the key that allowed him to find a place where he was.

All this to enjoy a basketball in which he stood out even with force on an international level with three titles as European Champion in the training categories of the Spanish selection (U16 and U18), four medals and even a podium with the Absolute Selection with the bronze achieved in the 2015 European. Without a doubt, one of the most valuable experiences of his career at the sports level.

Although today, in this premature farewell to the 31 years old, there are images that will weigh in your head much more than any hit or metal. Specifically, those of the personal “titles” achieved by a player who it pleased where it happened and that he will take the enormous privilege of having been able to say goodbye to basketball in his hometown, where it all began.

An emotional goodbye that, according to his words, may very soon be a see you later in the world of basketball in which he will continue to vigorously defend the role of women.

Meanwhile, Laura, thank you and see you soon!

Farewell letter from Laura Herrera:

“!Hello everybody!

Today is a happy and difficult day in equal parts. It’s time to say goodbye, to say goodbye as a basketball player.

Those who know me well know that if I could have disappeared, avoiding this moment, I would have. They also know that I hate goodbyes. And yet, now if I could, I would give a hug to each and every one of the people who have passed through my life, to make it better and make myself better, in this adventure called basketball.

It has been a marvelous journey that I could never have imagined. I have fulfilled dreams and many. Others I have caressed. I have laughed, enjoyed, cried, won, lost, learned and matured and not just as a player. I had a really good time.

But my biggest and best success, it will never be represented in any metal or in any title. All those people I was talking about before, all of them are without a doubt, the best part of having made any decision to enter this world.

THANK YOU! Colleagues, friends, each member of a coaching staff that works for and for us, federations, clubs, arbitration collective, each and every one of the cities that I have passed through and I have felt at home, the media and fans.

I have always felt greatly loved and respected, so I sincerely hope that I have lived up to it.

The most special thank you, without a doubt, goes to my parents and my brother. They know what it was like to get here and without them absolutely nothing would have been the same. They have been and will be my best team. Family, friends. Being close or further away, they have never let me go.

I have always been true to my feelings. To which my heart and head asked me in every decision I have made. What they ask of me at this moment is to start another chapter of my life and I have really felt and feel that it is now.

Now I have to enjoy this wonder that we have, from the other side. And it is clear to me that I will continue to fight so that women’s sport and basketball have the place they deserve, neither more nor less, the one they deserve.

I am really lucky.

Eternally, THANK YOU! And, goodbye! “

Laura # 10

Season statistics
– Laura Herrera

Seasons played: 14
Played games: 407
Minutes: 10,335 / 25.23 pp
Points: 2,914 / 7.2 pp
Rebounds: 1,151 / 4.6 pp
Assists: 1,876 / 0.9 pp
Recoveries: 385 / 0.5 pp
Caps: 63 / 0.2 pp
Fouls received: 1,063 / 2.6 pp
Rating: 3,808 / 9.4 pp

Sports career
– Laura Herrera:

Lower Cat .:
La Salle San Ildefonso
2003/05: Uni Chapatal (Junior)
2005/07: CB Island of Tenerife (Women’s League 2)
2007/08: MMT Students (Women’s League 2)
2008/10: Asefa Students (LF Endesa)
2010/11: Rivas Ecópolis (LF Endesa)
2011/12: Jopisa City of Burgos (LF Endesa)
2012/13: UNB Obenasa (LF Endesa)
2013/15: Mann-Filter (LF Endesa)
2015/16: Pajariel Bembibre sausages (LF Endesa)
Campus Promises (
LF Endesa)
2018/19: Pajariel Bembibre sausages (LF Endesa)
2018/19: City of La Laguna Tenerife (LF Endesa)

International career – Laura Herrera:

2004: Gold Medal – European U16F (Italy)
Gold Medal – European U16F (Poland)
Gold Medal – European U18F (Spain)
Silver Medal -European U18F (Serbia)
2007: Fourth Place – U19F World Cup (Bratislava)
2008: Fourth Place – European U20F (Italy)
2009: Silver Medal – European U20F (Poland)
2015: Bronze Medal – Senior European (Hungary / Romania)