There were already many public statements from Vilassar de Mar, but now it’s official. Laura Peña will play in Cadí La Seu in the 2022/2023 season and will be in her fourth season with the team from Urge. The point guard claims to be “very happy and happy”, since “it is no mystery that I am very comfortable here, in a club that everyone admires” and that it has “given her the confidence she needed as a player and to continue growing” . In the same way, she is very ambitious for this new season. Even knowing that “it is quite a challenge to overcome what has been achieved”, she says that “what moves a player are the challenges and the ambition to be able to face them as she plays”.

Laura Peña has had an excellent progression since her arrival at Cadí La Seu, and in this season full of success and recognition, individual and collective, it has been fully confirmed. As icing on the cake, she has completed more than 100 matches with our shirt, she has been named the Endesa Women’s League’s Revelation National Player and now she enjoys her first call-up with the senior national team.

A desired renewal of a great asset for the team

“It was a wish”, thus declares Pep Ribes, sports director of Cadí La Seu, the club’s intentions to renew Laura Peña for this coming season. He values ??the evolution of the player over these three seasons very positively, and is sincere confirming that “we could even think that she would bet on a change of scenery”. Regarding this, he comments that “the fact that Laura Peña has decided to continue means that she believes in the project and that she has great hopes. This illusion is greatly reinforced by her ambition to continue in the line of the team from last season”. He ends by reiterating his desire for the player with the phrase that she told the club “we still have things to do”.

Her new coach, Jordi Acero, who will be in charge of the Cadí La Seu bench for the first time, is very satisfied with Laura’s continuity, saying that “it is great news for the team and for the club”. He comments that he connects very well with her on the court, since “we understand basketball in the same way.” He added that “despite her youth, she knows the league very well, understands the game very well and will help us a lot to continue growing as a team.”

Laura Peña and captain Ariadna Pujol are the first names that Cadí La Seu already has for the 2022/2023 season.