Lazar commented on how this first training session has been “the first training session is always difficult but I have noticed very well” and he was very grateful for the opportunity that the azulejeros have given him by having him for this final stretch of the season. “This opportunity seems incredible to me. A change of league and pace for me means a lot because I like to compete at a high level and after the first training session I have seen that this team has a high level ”.

The Bosnian forward is clear that he has come to Castellón and also that he needs a little period of adaptation, “I have come to help the team in whatever way. I can give inside, outside, rebounds, defense … At this moment it matters more to me to learn the plays of my team and to catch the rhythm with the team to help as much as possible ».

If the public wonders what Mutic is like, he defines himself as “a hard-working player, a fighter and a good teammate. I always try to help and transmit good energy “and his main objective is” to help the team and feel good. I need to finish the season well and enjoy playing basketball, which is the most important thing.

Lazar’s integration has been quick and for this Ten has had the help of Edu Durán who shared training with Lazar at UCAM Murcia. “I played with Edu for a year in Murcia and I saw that he is very hard-working and demanding, he always scoffed at me (Lazar smiles) but he is a great guy” confessed the young Bosnian.

Luis García introduced Lazar Mutic after training, with whom he had words of praise, “for the club it is a satisfaction to be able to incorporate Lazar because he can help us a lot at this time that we are playing a lot. Hopefully personal successes are also team successes »