ANDl Lenovo Tenerife surprised the Baskonia at Buesa Arena, leading to the first loss at home for the Vitoria in the ACB League. Despite entering with a ten point deficit in the fourth quarter, those of Vidorreta did not decompose and, pressing the defensive pegs, they closed the gap until they murdered their rival with two consecutive triples of Fitipaldo and Wiltjer entering the last minute of the game. Kyle wiltjer, with 16 points -of his 19 totals- scored in the first half, he was the top scorer for Tenerife. Bruno Fitipaldo, key in the last quarter, finished with 15 points, all from the triple (5/8). On the local side, the best was Giedraitis with 17.

Although it was Baskonia who opened fire with a Fontecchio basket, Lenovo Tenerife started with a great success from the triple that shot them on the scoreboard (2-11, min.4). Although Ivanovic tried to move the bench, the locals could not find solutions to counteract the offensive fluidity of Vidorreta’s men. The fifth triple from Tenerife placed a 9 to 21 in the light after 6 minutes, although an 8-0 partial in the last section of the first quarter supported by two triples from Fontecchio and Enoch narrowed the difference to only 4 points (17-21 , min.10).

A three-point play by Sedekerskis left the game with just one possession (20-21), but the comeback was aborted almost immediately due to a new Tenerife triplet festival. Two pumps from Fitipaldo and another two from Wiltjer built a 2-14 run that raised the first alarm bells on the local side (22-35, min.16). As it had happened in the first period, the success from long distance of Tenerife was diluted in the final moments. With just one basket from Wiltjer -16 points at intermission-, Vidorreta’s men accepted a 16-2 run in the last four minutes, which included an additional triple from Fontecchio and a final layup from Baldwin to turn the game around. (38-37, min.20)

The canaries came out strengthened from their passage through the locker room. Sastre opened with a triple, Gamble continued in the paint, and Fitipaldo punished Dusko’s individual substitution defense from long range to put his team back in command (40-46, min. 24). Baskonia reacted quickly and forcefully, leaving Vidorreta’s team without scoring for more than 4 minutes- Giedraitis took command in attack with three almost consecutive triples in the middle of a 19-3 run in the last 6 minutes that already opened a A worrying gap for Tenerife (59-49, min.30).

The game did not end to break, responding Lenovo with a more efficient attack, supported by the two against two between Fitipaldo and Gamble to seek advantages. Two baskets by the American and a triple by the Uruguayan tightened the score, 63-59, with seven minutes to go. Attacks bogged down on both sides of the court, with the free throw being the only way to score. Three from Salin and one from Gamble brought Tenerife even closer (64-63) to enter the last two minutes with all the air. A technique by flopping to Giedraitis allowed Salin to tie the match, and subsequent baskonista errors in the attack were punished by two triples by Fitipaldo and Wiltjer that definitively closed the visiting victory.

Data sheet

65 Baskonia (17 + 21 + 21 + 6): Granger (2), Fontecchio (9), Costello (8), Giedraitis (17), Nnoko (4) -initial quintet-, Baldwin IV (8), Sedekerskis (9), Marinkovic (0), Enoch (8).

71 Lenovo Tenerife (21 + 16 + 12 + 22): Fitipaldo (15), Sastre (7), Wiltjer (19), Guerra (2), Doornekamp (3) -initial quintet-, Gamble (9), Huertas (2), Salin (11), Rodríguez (-), Sulejmanovic (3)