ANDl Lenovo Tenerife went ahead with its match against Río Breogán (96-78) this Saturday in a very close match until the break and that the people of Tenerife ended up deciding in a spectacular third quarter in which Sasu Salin, with his three-point shots , it shone again.

Four triples by the Finnish player in this third quarter, three of them consecutive, finished off a team from Lugo that tried in the last quarter but had neither the strength nor the success to be able to stop the gale of the island team. In any case, and within the bad, the Galician team managed to save the particular “basket average”, since the Galicians had won in the first round by a difference of 19 points (92-73).

The clash began with two teams that wanted to know their intentions. The people from Tenerife sought, as always, to open up the defense with their outside shots, but on this occasion neither Sasu Salin nor Doornekamp hit their shots, but it was their defensive work that was allowing Txus Vidorreta’s team to slightly dominate the clash.

The score remained even with Rio Breogán having problems attacking, mainly due to Salin’s defensive work on Musa, who couldn’t find good positions to shoot, although he did damage in his incursions towards the basket.

A 6-0 run at the start of the second quarter allowed Lenovo Tenerife to take a slight lead on the scoreboard (25-19) and that was extended to nine (31-22) in the 16th minute.

The Galician team decided to change their defense and place themselves in an area in search of closing their defense well and despite the fact that for a few minutes they managed to reduce differences, they soon saw how their rival would once again gain a ten-point lead (40-30) over one minute to go. Doornekamp on the outside and Shermadini on the inside are the cause of these differences before the break.

With 40-34, the third quarter began with a Lenovo Tenerife that would soon reach a ten-point lead again (51-41), but it was with four minutes remaining in this third quarter when Salin appeared to almost equalize. last Wednesday’s performance against Tofas Bursa. With his first three-pointer he made it 56-45, but then two more came to make his team 62-48, forcing visiting coach Veljko Mrsic to stop the game because Lenovo Tenerife was leaving in the mail.

Little served this minute and the islanders continued to increase the distances until the end of the third quarter with a 20-point difference (73-53).

Rio Breogán reacted in the last quarter with a better defense and quick counterattacks, but Salin would come out again – three more triples – to stop the small options that the visiting team had left.

Data sheet:

96 – Lenovo Tenerife (19+21+33+23). Huertas (16), Fitipaldo (7), Salin (22), Doornekamp (10), Shermadini (19) -initial-, Sulejmanovic (-), Borg (-), Rodríguez (-), Wiltjer (5), Guerra ( 6), Todorovic (7) and Sastre (4).

78 – Breogán River (17+17+19+25). Bell-Haynes (8), Sergi Quintela (4), Musa (17), Lukovic (17), Sakho (6) -initial-, Kalinoski (10), Kacinas (-), Jankovic (11), Cruz (4) and Quintela (1).

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Martínez and Sánchez Mohedas.

Incidents: Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, before some four thousand people.