ANDl Lenovo Tenerife pulled off a difficult game against Urbas Fuenlabrada (87-74) in a clash that began with the Madrid team overwhelmingly dominating but which later failed to keep up with the pace and the physical power and scoring of the people from Tenerife, who took advantage of the stumbles of the first five classified to tighten even more the upper zone of the table.

Triumph with pick and shovel, without rushing and trying to solve the tactical problems against a faster, more accurate and intense defensive Fuenlabrada.

Txus Vidorreta’s proposal did not go well at the start of the game. His area and the chosen quintet did not have the expected success and he soon had to change tactics so that the rival did not continue to increase the distances.

In the end, everything came to what was expected, a local domain and a Fuenlabrada that lacked continuity in its game and more control at certain moments of the game.

Great start for Urbas Fuenlabrada in the face of doubts and the irregular defense of the people of Tenerife who, with a zonal defense, were unable to stop, above all, the speed and success of the people of Madrid who after three minutes got a clear 0-10 on the marker.

This initial result provoked the quick reaction of the local coach. He first stopped the clash with a timeout and, at the same time, changed his zone defense to an individual one. Later, and seeing that the situation did not improve, Salin, Shermadini and Fitipaldo suddenly entered.

Now there was another team on the court. This second unit had more success, especially inside the zone and greater defensive pressure, although the highlight was the improvement in rebounding, mainly offensive and which allowed Lenovo to reach the end of the first ten minutes with only eight points down ( 18-26).

The change was already made and the team from Tenerife “swept away” at the beginning of the second and with a 16-2 run the match changed dominator (28-32).

The control of the rebound and in this second quarter, the success of Sasu Salin, once again, turned the match around and against a Fuenlabrada that could not find the formula to stop the rival. They pressed Salin and from the bench they demanded a greater involvement in the defensive rebound to stop the local game.

The break was reached with a 48-37 and a whole second half to be played with two teams that have shown their quality and their options to achieve victory in this duel.

Lenovo Tenerife was already in control of the game against Urbas Fuenlabrada who began to find difficulties. Neither the changes in their quintet on the court nor the defensive changes -they also tried with a zone-, had the effect expected by Josep María Raventos and the differences moved by more than ten points.

In the last quarter, Lenovo reached an 18-point lead (80-62) and with five minutes remaining, Urbas Fuenlabrada made the last attempt in search of getting closer to victory again. He put a very short quintet on the field to give him speed and, in principle, it went well and after a triple by Emegano and another by Milosavijevic they managed to get twelve points down (82-70), but Lenovo Tenerife moves well with differences and little time and managed to maintain the lead and end up winning 87-74.

Data sheet:

87 – Lenovo Tenerife (18+30+22+17). Huertas (8), Todorovic (5), Sastre (6), Doornekamp (2), Guerra (6) -initial-, Fitipaldo (10), Salin (20), Shermadini (23), Wiltjer (3), Borg ( -) and Rodriguez (4).

74 – Urbas Fuenlabrada (26+11+18+19). Samar (14), Emegano (16), Meindl (10), Ristic (9), Cheatham (3) -initial-, López (-), Alexander (4), Novak (4), Eyenga (2) and Milosavijevic ( 12).

Referees: Pérez Pérez, Sánchez Sixto and Martínez.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 19 of the ACB League, suspended at the time due to COVID-19, played at the Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, before 3,957 spectators.