B.route party of Lenovo Tenerife in Malaga. Vidorreta’s men humiliated their rival with an excellent match by Gio Shermadini. The Unicaja was devastated. Horrible party of the compositors. Ibón Navarro’s men had no choice in a game where the fans whistled for their players and they left Carpena early. Unicaja’s ridiculous three-point percentage and its extremely poor defense in the paint left the score at a blushing 64-97.

The Lenovo Tenerife took to the track much more plugged in than its rival. Unicaja was not yet on the floor when they realized that the Canarians already had a six-point lead thanks to Huertas, Shermadini and Todorovic. The Malaga team reacted somewhat, but Salin and the Serbian scored two consecutive triples that put a 4-14 on the scoreboard that forced Ibón Navarro to have to stop the game. The break sat well with the typesetter who closed the gap with Jaime Fernández and Cameron Oliver. Unicaja suffered a lot in the paint with an excellent Gio Shermadini. Added to the inside game was the success from the 6.75 line of the people from Tenerife who closed the first quarter nine up, (15-24).

The second quarter started with a similar script. Francis Alonso and Mooney moved Unicaja somewhat better. With their passes and points, the team was closing the distance in the electronic. Unicaja improved in rebounding, but the multiple failures from the triple prevented the people from Malaga from taking the next step. Shermadini continued to his own while, maintaining the visitor advantage despite the good minutes of the Los Guindos team. After rowing for a while, the Unicaja was disassembled again. Then began the second part of the recital of the Georgian Shermadini with more than ten points in a row that destroyed the locals. The distance shot up and Lenovo Tenerife began to play very comfortably. Kravic and Oliver got a pair of 2 + 1 that encouraged Unicaja a bit before the break. (32-41)

The game ended breaking up around the locker room. A partial of 2-10 in favor of Lenovo Tenerife left the compositors very touched. The Malaga public bid their supporters farewell in dead time with whistles also directed at the refereeing trio. Unicaja’s 5% success in triples was a huge burden for Ibón Navarro’s men. Shermadini continued hitting again and again and further increased the part halfway through the third act, (34-55). The disaster was huge for a Unicaja incapable of frightening in attack. Sastre made more blood with a triple that gave Txus Vidorreta’s men a 29-point lead. The partial in the third quarter was 7-27 for the visitors.

The last quarter had little history. The Unicaja was whistled by the public, who left the Carpena before time. Lenovo Tenerife did not slow down and the match seemed eternal for Ibón Navarro’s men. The clash once again leaves the team from Malaga untouched, who threw away Thursday’s victory at the Palau. For its part, Lenovo Tenerife continues its fight to have the field factor in its favor in the playoffs for the title (64-97).

Data sheet:

64 – Unibox (15+17+7+25): Alberto Díaz (0), Brizuela (7), Barreiro (0), Kravic (8), Oliver (13) -initial five-, Alonso (11), Jaime Fernández (6), Bouteille (7), Mooney (4) , Guerrero (8) and Nzosa (0).

97 – Lenovo Tenerife (24+17+27+27): Huertas (8), Salin (8), Todorovic (8), Sulejmanovic (6), Shermadini (19) -initial five-, Guerra (8), Fitipaldo (10), Rodríguez (2), Sastre (), Wiltjer ( 12), Doornekamp (8) and Borg (0).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Vicente Bultó and Fabio Fernández.

Incidents: Match from matchday 29 of the Endesa League played at the José María Martín Carpena Palace in front of 4,147 spectators.

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