ANDhe Valencia Basket defeated Lenovo Tenerife this Sunday in the suspended game of the fifteenth round of the Endesa Basketball League by a two-point advantage (78-80), a result that qualifies the people of Tenerife to play the Copa del Rey and that grants the condition of head of series to the Valencian team for the draw that will take place this Monday.

Jasiel Rivero, with twenty points, led his team to victory against Canarias, which had Marcelinho Huertas as its best player, with 25 points and five assists, in a game in which Dubljevic and Shermadini, two of the best centers in the competition, were far from their best numbers.

Lenovo Tenerife opened the first important advantage of the game thanks to its initial success from the outside shot (17-10), with five three-pointers from eight attempts in the first six minutes, which forced Peñarroya to request time-out.

The Valencian team managed to cut the local streak and, based on their success of 8 out of 10 shots from two, managed to reduce the distance on the scoreboard at the end of the first quarter (21-19), in which there were only two fouls.

The people of Tenerife, faced with the low offensive production of Gio Shermadini, entrusted themselves to Huertas’ scoring, which was insufficient to neutralize the good minutes of Rivero and Tobey inside, who added fourteen points to put Valencia ahead (34-39). ).

Without seeing the best version of two of the centers with the best numbers in the Endesa League, Dubljevic won the game against Shermadini in the last minutes of the second quarter, which, together with the losses from Tenerife, allowed the orange team to reach the break with an income of six points (38-44).

Lenovo Tenerife recovered their success from the outside and with five three-pointers in the first moments of the second half, three of them by Doornekamp, ??they were once again ahead on the scoreboard (55-50).

The Valencian team managed to change the inertia in which the game had entered, especially thanks to the annotation of Dimitrijevic and Prepelic, to reach the last quarter with only two points behind (64-62).

A 0-7 run put Peñarroya’s team ahead again (66-69), until Huertas appeared to, with three consecutive baskets, establish himself as the game’s top scorer and turn the score around again (74-69).

Rivero reappeared to level the game with a minute to go (78-78): Dubljevic scored two free throws to put Valencia ahead and, in the last seconds, Marcelinho Huertas missed a triple that would have given victory to his team. equipment.

Data sheet:

78 – Lenovo Tenerife (21+17+26+14): Huertas (22), Salin (11), Sergio Rodríguez (-), Shermadini (10), Doornekamp (17) -initial five-; Borg (-), Fitipaldo (8), Sastre (-), Todorovic (4), Wiltjer (-) and Guerra (6).

80 – Valencia Basket (19 + 25 + 18 + 18): Dimitrijevic (10), Prepelic (13), Pradilla (4), Dubljevic (11), Labeyrie (5) -initial five-; López-Arostegui (6), Van Rossom (2), Tobey (7), Jiménez (-), Hermannsson (2) and Rivero (20).

Partials: 21-19, 38-44 (rest), 64-62 and 78-80.

Referees: Antonio Conde, Luis Miguel Castillo and Alfonso Olivares.

Incidents: Postponed match of matchday 15 of the Endesa League played at the Pabellón Insular Santiago Martín, before some 1,700 spectators, which corresponds to 33% of the venue’s capacity, due to the restrictions adopted by the Government of the Canary Islands due to the health situation .