ANDhe Lenovo Tenerife today took a giant step forward to finish the regular phase in the top four, after beating Valencia Basket (90-86), a direct rival in the fight for this goal.

Important victory for the group of Txus Vidorreta that, in addition to winning their match today, saw how other direct rivals failed to add a victory, such as Joventut, who lost against Coosur Betis, and TD Systems Baskonia who could not with him Herbalife Gran Canaria.

It was important to win and he did it through defensive effort and not give up until the end for the win.

The island team started better and quickly found a way to score. It was inside, where Shermadini managed to score the first three baskets for none of Valencia. A 0-6 that warned the rival that the team was going for everything.

Along with the Georgian center of Lenovo Tenerife he was accompanied by Aaron Doornekamp, ??who was also successful from the outside. Two of his triples and a 12-3. But they were the only ones who scored on the local side and when Valencia pressed these two scoring routes, the visiting group managed to equalize the game, with success from Tobey, San Emeterio and Van Rosson, who took advantage not only of their clear chances to score, but also the turnovers that Lenovo Tenerife was beginning to accumulate.

And it went from 18-12 to 18-20 (min.10), Valencia Basket for the first time against a Lenovo Tenerife that lacked freshness in attack, mainly in the base position.

The Valencian team came out better in the second quarter. They began to do damage from inside and outside and although the Lenovo Tenerife defense did not let up, they managed to score and begin to dominate the game and the scoreboard.

They went to eight points (24-32, min.15), a difference they maintained until almost the end of the second quarter, but a slight local reaction led to the break with 39-44.

Valencia Basket knew what was at stake in this clash and sought at the beginning of the third quarter to give an effect on the court. And he succeeded, but halfway. Partial of 2-9 for those of Ponsarnau and 45-54 on the scoreboard.

The nine points against weighed like a slab on the home side, but they did not give up. Based on defensive work they tried to turn the crash around.

Salin would score two important triples and the point guards -Fitipaldo and Huertas- began to command. The important thing for the Lenovo Tenerife was that

He was able to reach the end of the third quarter with options (61-64) and a whole last quarter to try to surprise and win.

It was the moment for experience, for those who know how to play in this type of situation and against tough opponents like Valencia. Marcelinho Huertas threw the team behind him and began to contribute in attack. He moved his teammates and as soon as the last quarter started, Lenovo Tenerife would return to take the lead on the scoreboard (66-64).

The defenses were still very intense, but also the success in attack by the two teams that made the last minute of the game draw 81.

Huertas’s triple and a sensational ball steal from the Brazilian and subsequent basket meant that Tenerife went five points apart (86-81) and 34 seconds to go, a time that Valencia did not know how to take advantage of and allowed Lenovo Tenerife He will take the victory that brings him closer to securing fourth place.


Lenovo Tenerife 90 (20 + 19 + 22 + 29). Huertas (15), Salin (6), Doornekamp (18), Cavanaugh (4), Shermadini (21) -initial-, Fitipaldo (16), Rodríguez (3), Guerra (6), López (-), Sulejmanovic ( 1) and Yusta (-).

Valencia Basket 86 (20 + 24 + 20 + 22). Van Rosson (7), Sastre (2), San Emeterio (14), Libeyrie (8), Tobey (4) -initial-, Prepelic (9), Dubljevic (18), Kalinic (8), Marinkovic (8), Vives (5), Pradilla (-) and Williams (3).

Referees: Pérez Pérez, Serrano and Sánchez Mohedas. They signaled technique to Txus Vidorreta (min.10), Lenovo Tenerife bench (min.10), Valencia Basket Prepelic player (min.30) and Valencia Basket coach, Jauma Ponsarnau, (min.37).

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