lycin® SP1, the new tool from Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket to optimize the team’s physical performance

Last Tuesday, the Technical Director of the Alycin® Salud Project, Dr. D. Luis Antonio Gómez Fernández, visited our Albacete Basket sports facilities.


That afternoon, Dr. Gómez explained to the players the possibilities that were offered to them through a food supplement, Alycin® SP1, designed to provide all those with moderate or high sports activity, a direct improvement on their ability to recover. after exertion and its direct increase in physical performance.

Alycin® SP1, is a food complex that combines a balanced formulation of essential vitamins and minerals. Composition reinforced by the presence of a powerful antioxidant: quercetin, whose action modulates vital mechanisms at the intestinal level to improve energy performance and optimal food absorption; and also Aliben®, which guarantees the consumption of Allicin, an active organosulfur compound, equivalent to the intake of 5 grams of Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras, with all its biological potential and without its undesirable effects.

Project Alycin®, aims to reach society, useful natural alternatives in the prevention of various cardiovascular pathologies; minimize the effects of oxidation from different sources to which our body is exposed; and avoid the degenerative processes associated with the age of our visual health, among other objectives; Through the market launch of food supplements whose common part is Aliben®, a lyophilized extract of Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras. Aliben® is obtained through chemical-free physical procedures, a procedure that is patented and developed by the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM), in conjunction with the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and the Translational Research Unit (UIT) of the General University Hospital of Ciudad Real.

Alycin® products have emerged and bet on research and development in the field of health in an initiative that has more than 20 years of basic research work. Since 2.017, work has been done on the application of Aliben® in various research and development projects with the UCLM through its Institute of Chemical and Environmental Technology (ITQUIMA) of Ciudad Real, with the ITU and with the Andalusian Center for Biology Molecular and Regenerative (CABIMER); as well as through initiatives, collaborating in product development with companies in the agri-food industry in the region.

Alycin® SP1, provides various characteristics that can help the players of Albacete Basket, our basketball team, to develop their full physical potential and reduce the chances of suffering injuries due to lack of essential nutrients of vital importance to maintain a competitive level of first order throughout the season. Due to its composition, it is worth highlighting the potential for action in the following aspects:

– Strengthening your immune system.
– Generating a protective effect against external pathogens.
– Decreasing tiredness and fatigue providing more vitality.
– Improving muscle development and recovery after physical efforts.
– Improving the circulatory system and its oxygenation capacity.

Since last season Alycin® has collaborated with Albacete Basket, and the commitment to support the sport in our region has been firm from the beginning, participating in other collaborations. During the visit of the representative of the Alycin® Salud Project, he expressed his commitment with members of the Albacete Basket board of directors, of the signing of a collaboration agreement to explore various ways of improving the team’s sports performance, through the products developed by Alycin®.

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