ANDhe Real Madrid basketball faces one of its worst moments since Paul Lasso landed on his bench, more than 10 years ago. The whites, who they lost again against Red Star although they improved their image, they have seven consecutive defeats in the last 10 gameshave ceded the leadership of both the Euroleague and the Endesa League in favor of Barça and also lost the Copa del Rey final against Jasikevicius’ team, who seem to have taken the measure for the white team.

Symptoms that begin to mark a change in the cycle in basketball and that have placed both players and Pablo Laso on the wire. Beyond the physical exhaustion caused by the calendar, the team suffers from the same problems since the beginning of the season. With repeated chromes, offensive talent deficit, lack of direction and outside shootingproblems accumulate in a team at its worst. What’s wrong? Who’s to blame? Why this change?Vote and comment in our macro survey.