ANDhe real Madrid he brought out his worst version on the track again to fall into peephole, 79-67, and suffer their third consecutive loss in the Endesa League, which greatly complicates the defense of their second place. The whites fell in a match that was a true roller coaster with brutal partials that in the end favored a Bilbao Basketball who pursued more and better the victory.

With Miribilla delivered to her coach, it was the great day of Alex Mumbru. The applause that he received in the 15th minute, his number, was very moving. Then, after the game, came the tribute and the withdrawal of his shirt. But neither the ovation nor the tribute distracted him from what he had really gone to Miribilla to do: lead his team to victory. To the thirteenth of the season to keep looking up.

With the Madrid opposite, one of his four loves in his career with the Joventut, Bilbao and the national team, Mumbru He was able to understand better than Laso what the game needed. Madrid’s exit was reminiscent of the Clásico, scoring triples and obtaining the first advantages, but it was a mirage and the balance prevailed in the first quarter. From there, the clash was going to fall into the partial game. First the one from Bilbaowhich made it 31-20 with an 11-0, then Madrid responded, with another 0-11 that took the game to 45-41 at the break, thanks to an unlikely three-pointer from Goudelock.

Going through changing rooms felt better in Bilbao, which came out in a rush with Inglis and Masiulis playing his best minutes. The 15-1 partial of the ‘men in black‘ put Madrid against the ropes, 60-42. Paul Lasso He called for a timeout to try to get his players to react and he succeeded. From the hand of Sergio Lullthe best by the white team, a 0-13 scoreline once again balanced forces, 60-55, thanks to a three-pointer by Llull himself near the end of the third quarter.

Madrid’s reaction gave way to the festival of Bilbao which came out better again at the beginning of the fourth quarter. A 7-0 gave them a good lead again, 67-55, which Madrid managed to stop: 0-6 with two triples from Llull and Deck. And from there, the whites showed an impressive and very worrying collapse in shooting. The last triple was scored with 7:38 left in the game. In that period until the end, they failed 10 shots from the bow who condemned them because Bilbao understood much better what the game needed at that time.

It was the great tribute of the ‘Men in Black’ to their coach, who from this day on is eternal in Miribilla. Madrid, his victim on this special day, stayed, as a sign of respect, for the final tribute. Alex deserved it. And someday, maybe their paths will cross again…

Data sheet:

79 – Surne Bilbao Basket (22+23+15+19): Rafa Luz (3), Goudelock (14), Walker (8), Masiulis (12) and Delgado (4) -initial five-; Rousselle (11), Hakanson (4), Reyes, Inglis (14) and Withey (9).

67 – Real Madrid (18 + 23 + 14 + 12): Abalde, Causeur (13), Deck (8), Yabusele (3) and Tavares (6) -initial five-; Williams-Goss (2), Llull (22), Taylor (2), Hanga (3), Randolph (7) and Poirier (1).