ANDl Real Madrid, with his tongue hanging out (five games in 10 days), he had to work until the end to defeat an excellent Breogán River which is a rock. The whites, who gave in in the first quarter but straightened their course in the second, managed to take the victory, 71-79, thanks to the work under boards of Tavares, to the certain in the shot of Rudy and Heurtel and, above all, to a magnificent Llull that sealed the victory in the final minutes.

Paco Olmos He studied Madrid’s games this season in depth to establish an area that would make outside shots uncomfortable, the Achilles heel of Madrid. But this time, Laso’s men were much more successful from the arc (15 of 35) than their rival (7 of 24).

The staging of the Breogán was flawless with a sensational Muse in the lead, defending and running. The people of Lugo delighted their audience in a full Pazo where very few will win. With a 16-6 in the first quarter, his maximum, they put fear in the body to a team that reduced the disadvantage, 20-12, at the end of the act.

The entrance of Williams-Goss and Llull and the energy of Yabusele They radically changed the scenario in the second period, in which Madrid built a 13-28 run to go into halftime with an advantage, 33-40.

After passing through the changing rooms the Madrid seemed to be in control to establish a maximum of 12 points, 51-63, coinciding with an accurate Rudy who nailed three almost consecutive triples in his 600th game in the ACB.

But to this Breogán you have to kill him several times. Those of Paco Olmos, who apparently so far can aspire to get into the Cup, were cutting the score as Monaco did in their day until they reached two, 70-72, with a possession that went to limbo.

Despite the rotations and breaks, Madrid arrived almost without bellows at the end except Llull, who achieved five points in a row to ensure the unbeaten ACB of his team in Lugo. Madrid put himself in his hands and the point guard did not fail.

Data sheet:

71-Breogán River (20 + 13 + 18 + 20): Bell-Haynes (17), Musa (16), Mahalbasic (10), Iván Cruz (2), Sergi Quintela (9) -starting five- Kacinas (-), Kalinoski (9), Lukovic (-), Sakho (8 ), Erik Quintela (-).

79-Real Madrid (12 + 28 + 23 + 16): Causeur (-), Yabusele (14), Vukcevic (5), Alocen (8), Tavares (9) -starting five- Williams-Goss (7), Abalde (9), Poirier (2), Llull (8), Heurtel (8), Rudy Fernández (9).