ANDBAXI Manresa clearly beat RETAbet Bilbao Basket in Miribilla this Saturday, by 96-108, after an impressive offensive display from start to finish that was unable to stop the local team, who were not a talisman of the red and white colors they wore to cheer on Athletic in the Cup final.

It was not so much the success of the Pedro Martínez, who also, but the fluidity and speed in the transitions that led to a shock that the Manresa ended up with as many assists as rebounds (27).

In that unstoppable Catalan flow (29/43 Q2 and 12/22 Q3), the American Seth Hinrichs (18 points and 24 valuation) and Scott Eatherton (21 and 19) stood out, but above all a Yankuba Sima (21 and 21) who He ended up as the hero of the match for his teammates.

The Catalan pivot, still in training despite his 24 years, remained stiff with an Ondrej Balvin to whom important free kicks spoiled his huge game somewhat (21, 12 rebounds, 9 fouls received and 36).

Great game also from the visitor Frankie Ferrari (15, 6 assists and 18) and meritorious that of the locals John Jenkins (17 and 18) and Ludde Hakanson (14).

With this victory, Manresa remains in the fight to enter the Playoffs for the title and Bilbao Basket misses some of the not many bullets that seem to be left to escape a decline in which it remains one more day.

The first even minutes (12-12) after a good start by Ferrari and Hakanson gave way to a first stretch on the scoreboard for Manresa in a 0-10 lead by the unexpected and surprising Sima (12-20).

A lot of scoring by the two teams and many visiting transitions that did not stop the locals advanced at the end of the first quarter a clash with both clearly above 100 points (27-31).

The high score was maintained during a second quarter in which, first, errors in Balvin’s free throws prevented his team from getting ahead (43-44) and, later, a 3-14 before the break, initialed by a Hinrich’s great mate, gave Manresa a wide advantage heading into the second half (46-58).

The visitors from the changing rooms returned determined to end the clash with a huge success, while among the locals only Serron responded, even though he was somewhat touched.

Thus the game seemed decanted with 50-67 and even more so with 60-79, with Hinrich and Eatherton destroying the Bilbao ring.

Although an 11-2, with two triples from Brown, gave hope to the rojiblanco today with a minute to go in a third quarter that, nevertheless, finished 71-86 with a technique to Mumbrú in between.

Bilbao Basket returned to the charge in the last quarter with a 10-0 in two minutes that brought them closer to 5 points (81-85), but a loss by Jenkins and an error in the shot by Zyskowski returned the wings to a Manresa that regained a good advantage (83-96).

The local team approached eight points again (88-96), but Sima continued to cash in and sentenced the game with a surprising mid-distance shot that gave his team 12 points two minutes from the end (90-102) of a match that ended 96-108.

– Data sheet:

96 – RETAbet Bilbao Basket (27 + 19 + 25 + 25): Hakanson (14), Jenkins (17), Serron (8), Zyskowski (10) and Balvin (21) -starting five-; Rousselle (7), Brown (9), Alex Reyes (2), Miniotas (8), Huskic, Dos Anjos and Kjajic.

108 – BAXI Manresa (31 + 27 + 28 + 22): Ferrari (15), Rafa Martínez (3), Vaulet (2), Hinrichs (18) and Sima (21) -five starting-; Dani García (2), Maison (9), Janning (5), Eulis Báez (8), Eatherton (21) and Jou (4).

Partial: 27-31, 46-58 (rest); 71-86 and 96-108 (final).

Referees: Miguel Ángel Pérez, Arnau Padrós and Alfonso Olivares. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 29 of the Endesa League played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla behind closed doors due to the covid pandemic.

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