The event took place at Finca La Encantada, where the two events held by the Foundation concluded with an excellent aperitif. On the one hand, the presentation of the work and reform of the seventh floor of Maternal-Child oncology and the rehabilitation area in Licinio de la Fuente, and on the other, the presentation of the sponsorship to the women’s basketball club.

Fran Puñal, as head of the sports area of ??Manuela Fundación, welcomed those present and reminded them that “Manuela Fundación was born to help people, promote the business fabric, create jobs and put Granada in a prominent place of the world. Granada capital of the world is our motto. This is a multidisciplinary project that covers twelve different work areas, including sports ”. An area in which they have been working in grassroots sports and cycling for several years, where next season, 2022, they will have a continental category team and will keep the sub-23-elite and junior teams.

“Sponsoring RACA is the commitment to equality through sport. With this support, we hope to bring Granada’s women’s basketball to the elite, and even to Europe, in the coming years and always with the work, dedication and humility that characterize us ”, concluded Puñal.

The president of CD RACA, Luis Felipe began his speech by recalling that “sport has always been a great transmitter of values” and thanked Manuela Fundación “for having developed this sports area that will help convey its message of solidarity, equality, impulse to Granada society and ambition to place our province in a prominent place ”.

In particular, he thanked Manuela Fundación “for creating and supporting this project and giving us the necessary drive to grow.” For Luis Felipe, the Foundation “with this and with other projects they are developing are showing a new, fresh, different vision, a desire to change things, and to improve as a society … and we want to be part of this movement.”

“This sponsorship has not only meant a professionalization of the team at the staff level, being able to design a competitive team for this LF Challenge, but also a club structure that allows us to grow, increase our social mass and aspire to reach where not even before we allow ourselves to dream ”, concluded the president of RACA.