It caused a worldwide impact for its return to the origins at the end of last November and, since then, Marc Gasol He has not stopped making headlines for each and every one of the places he has reached with his Basketball Girona.

The most common, the one that refers to his status as “Undercover Boss” in the dressing room of a team that he directs as president from the offices and that has taken place on this occasion in parallel to another curious story.

Because, on his recent visit to the WiZink Centerthe interior of Sant Boi ran into one of its closest enemies in the category, a Nacho Martin with whom he worked side by side to shape the pioneer 3×3 section of Bàsquet Girona and that, on this occasion, he had to fight to steal the victory with his Movistar Students.

But this will not be the only time that Marc has to deal with an intimate enemy this year, since four of his seven 3×3 players compete in a LEB Gold League in which it will be measured Sergio de la Fuente (UEMC Real Valladolid)to Alex Llorca (Melilla Sport Capital) already Javi Vega (Leyma Coruna).

A list of players that is completed every summer with the arrival from the EBA League of three former LEB of the stature of Sergi Pino (CB Esparreguera), Edgar San Epifanio (CB L´Hospitalet) Y Xavi Guirao (Pajarraco Sesé). A whole block full of quality and that we analyze in detail along with this curious reunion, from the hand of its protagonists.

Nacho Martín: “We are delighted because they count on us for everything”

A cornerstone of the Movistar Estudiantes project and a leading center in the LEB Gold League, the name of Nacho Martín corresponds to one of the main engines of 3×3 basketball in our country. A key player in the creation of the 3×3 Section of Bàsquet Girona through his direct management with Marc Gasol and who was the first to face “the boss” in the competition. Without a doubt, an authoritative voice when it comes to explaining the virtues of such a novel project.

What does Bàsquet Girona’s commitment to 3×3 mean to you?

“For us it is something really important because of everything it means for this modality. Marc knew that we had our own team called “No Spain, no game”, with which we competed all over the world looking for a living and in which we paid everything out of our pocket. In a very natural way, he became interested in the project and looked for a way to help us by being part of it with his club. He understood that it was the right time to get involved and we started talking about the possibility of building a section within his own club. He gave us all the facilities and made things really easy. The best proof of this is that this is going to be the third summer that we compete as Bàsquet Girona and we are delighted with life because it has given us a tremendous cable through spectacular support. Count on us for everything and that makes us delighted to defend the name of Bàsquet Girona. We are very grateful for your support and hope that the relationship will last for many years.”

Is it weird having to fight the boss to deprive your other team of victory?

“From the outside it is really curious that we have to face our president and it is, but from the inside, we see it more as having to face a good friend. It is something that comes from afar since in the summer we had always trained with him and he has even invited us to his house on more than one occasion to play matches, which makes us see Marc more than as a president, as a friend. A friend who has a basketball club and in which we play during the summers. Of course, once inside the track and as they say, there are no friends. And the best proof of this is that the day Bàsquet Girona came to the Wizink to play against us, Marc gave us a 40-point rating”.

Sergio de la Fuente: “Bàsquet Girona has been a pioneer who has paved the way”

Accustomed to being the standard-bearer of the different Valladolid projects over the last decade, it would be almost impossible to see Sergio de la Fuente in the LEB Gold League with a shirt that was not that of UEMC Real Valladolid. A conditioning factor that remains parked, however, during the summer period to be able to compete under the 3×3 banner with the Bàsquet Girona shirt. Because it is precisely there where Sergio proves to be one of the most talented players on the old continent.

What does Bàsquet Girona’s commitment to 3×3 mean to you?

“I think that Bàsquet Girona made a very important bet at a time when no one had dared to take the step and for that we should be grateful to them. They were true pioneers and the proof of this is that their decision served to open the way since, shortly after, new teams have been incorporated into this competition model. We have to thank him, but not only us, but all 3×3 lovers because the decision Marc made and trusting us as he did was not easy. In the end, they have managed to ensure that the club’s activity during the year with the 5×5 has continuity during the summer with the 3×3, thus managing to maintain the attention of the fans throughout the year”.

Is it weird having to fight the boss to deprive your other team of victory?

“Playing against them is still an anecdote because it is a curious situation, but professionalism is above all else and, when you take to the court, you do so knowing that your lifelong club is Real Valladolid and that it is for them you have to fight. Outside of the 40 minutes of play there is a love, there is returning to Fontajau, meeting again with those people from the club who help you in everything you need when you work for them or feeling again that they welcome you as if you were at home. It is very appreciated how they turn to us, but as I say, there are no longer friends on the track and each one of us fights for what is ours”.

Álex Llorca: “We feel proud to be able to defend a club that pays attention to detail”

Talking about Álex Llorca in the LEB Gold League means talking about a player with a whole decade of basketball behind him in which he has helped his teams reach the highest levels, but doing it in 3×3 means having to describe one of the most talented men in Europe in this discipline. An essential piece in a project like Bàsquet Girona and that perfectly represents the values ??of a team that has one of its men from the land in it.

What does Bàsquet Girona’s commitment to 3×3 mean to you?

“That Marc Gasol decided to be a pioneer with his Bàsquet Girona when it came to being able to have a 3×3 team was great news, but that in addition to that they decided to have us, it was already a tremendous joy. Until then we had been the ones who formed the teams, the ones who looked for the trips and even the ones who had to generate the resources to be able to compete, but the arrival of Bàsquet Girona has made us work under the organization of a club that takes maximum care the details. They take care of us, they give us all the facilities and we are very proud to be able to defend their jersey because it means a lot to us”.

Is it weird having to fight the boss to deprive your other team of victory?

“I think that after this first round I am the only one of the four who has not yet been able to play against Bàsquet Girona since our match was postponed, but I really want to be able to go to Fontajau to meet up with old teammates and with the incentive of having than to measure myself against our president of the 3×3 summers. Facing Marc is one more incentive when it comes to visiting a club for which we all have the greatest affection and with which we want to make a big mess this summer, but which we will have to try to surprise now with a victory for Melilla Sport Capital, which I hope will don’t take us into account.”

Javi Vega: “I wish every club could have a 3×3 section”

Captain Leyma Coruña during the last two seasons, the talented center Javi Vega has been alternating during that time his work at the head of the Galician team with his participation in a 3×3 that may see his presence reduced throughout next summer. A fact that will not prevent the interior of Madrid from going down in the history of a project with which he has felt involved and that has allowed him to enjoy a new modality in which he has been able to display all his talent.

What does Bàsquet Girona’s commitment to 3×3 mean to you?

“The fact that Bàsquet Girona decided to bet on this modality was one of the best news that the 3×3 could receive. We must thank Marc for all the facilities because they took an important step to open a path that would have to be practically mandatory. I wish that each club could have a 3×3 section that would allow you to continue all the work you do during the 5×5 season during the summer”.

Is it weird having to fight the boss to deprive your other team of victory?

“It is something really curious because during the year you can face different teams that you have been wearing their jersey in the past, but you never know when you are facing the one that may be your next team. In our case, playing against Bàsquet Girona is somehow mixing these two sensations, because you came from defending their shirt last summer and because you know that maybe next time you will do it again. It’s a different feeling, but I hope it will be more and more normal because it will mean that more and more teams decide to bet on this modality”.