Marc Gasol he is a man of his word. During the last years he got tired of repeating that before hanging up his boots he would dance one last time in Fontajau defending the shirt of the club he presides over, a Girona Basketball who now benefits from a major player who is demonstrating an overwhelming superiority at LEB Gold and who has reopened the debate on whether the NBA champion and world champion still had left bullets to spend in other leagues of higher rank.

The pivot left doubts about his condition during the Olympic Games in which he was not at his best. And Spain noticed. Especially against the United States in the game in which Scariolo’s team was left out of the fight for the medals and in which the then Lakers player went blank in scoring with just one shot to the basket as offensive baggage. Minutes later he announced his retirement from the national team and began the race of speculation about the player’s future.

The months passed and Marc’s silence and his goodbye to the NBA didn’t help to think about an early return to the courts. However, oblivious to the outside noise, he spent hours between the gym and the court, doing intensive individual workouts that would help him get the necessary shape to … Only he knew what for.

A dominant player: +54 with him

Marc did not have to remove any daisy leaves because in his head he had a clear roadmap that would end with his ‘signing’ for Bàsquet Girona and today he licks enjoying a player who the LEB Oro seems to have outgrown from the beginning and that he could still be battling in the zones with the best centers in the world.

I didn’t get to think about it, I didn’t get to that point of thinking about Barça because my priority was Girona

Marc Gasol

“I didn’t get to think about it, I didn’t get to that point of thinking about Barça because my priority was Girona,” he said in his presentation as a player for the Girona team. It was very clear to him: If he hadn’t chosen Girona, he would surely have played for Barça. “When I speak with Juan Carlos Navarro I speak with a friend, but I never gave him to understand that he would go to Barça.”

Was it really not for greater heights? The numbers say totally the opposite. In just three games with the Catalan team shirt Marc Gasol has become the great reference in the silver category of Spanish basketball and He has changed the face to a Girona that has three victories in a row and has accumulated +54 while he has been on the track.

In those three games, the Gasol midfielder has been insurmountable for the defenses of Huesca, Palencia and Palma, who have suffered the quality of a Spanish basketball legend like him. He has been the best of his team in his three games and in all three he has added three double-doubles, averaging in total 17.3 points, 11.7 rebounds and a PIR of 30.7 in 25 minutes. Numbers that don’t lie about its superiority in the category and that make you wonder if the Gasol middleweight would not have a hole in Barcelona, ??who tried to sign him through Juan Carlos Navarro, in any Euroleague team or even in the NBA.

Marc’s detail

Marc has not only won over the public in Girona and the rest of the LEB courts with his performances on the track. He has also done it with details like the one he had in the match against Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma. A match in which the pivot changed the name of his jersey, leaving aside the usual ‘Marc’ and changing it to ‘Sáez’ as a tribute to his mother Marisa.

And the change was not bad at all for the double world champion. Before the Balearic team Marc broke his scoring record in the competition with 21 points on 7/12 from field goals. The center added 10 rebounds to finish with a PIR of 31 in 27:32 minutes of play. The Girona team won by a comfortable 98-77 after channeling the duel in the first quarter (32-19) and finishing in the last (27-16).