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Lenovo Tenerife got a convincing 101-77 win over Movistar Estudiantes in the Spanish League led by Giorgi Shermadini (25 points, five rebounds) and Marcelinho Huertas (15 points, six assists).

The experienced duo stole the spotlight and Huertas actually made history with his six assists as he improved to the second spot on the all-time assists list in the competition.

Huertas accumulated a total of 2228 assists so far, passing Nacho Azfora (2224) and trailing behind none other than Pablo Laso who has logged an amazing number of 2896 throughout his playing years in Spain. Interestingly, Tenerife will clash against Real Madrid next week.

Aside from Huertas, other still active players to reach the Top 15 are Albert Oliver (2035) at four, Sergio Llull (1622) at 13 and Omar Cook (1553) at the 15th spot.

Huyertas’ first assist happened more than 16 years ago, in the 2004-05 season when he played for Joventut while it should also be noted that he has already taken over the leading spot when it comes to assists in Copa Del Rey.

1 Pablo Laso 2896
2 Marcelinho Huertas 2228
3 Nacho Azofra 2224
4 Albert Oliver 2035
5 Nacho Rodriguez 2032
6 Elmer Bennett 1838
7 Jose Luis Llorente 1768
8 Andre Turner 1748
9 Pablo Prigioni 1721
10 Save Díez 1691
11 Javi salgado 1672
12 Juan Carlos Navarro 1637
13 Sergio Llull 1622
14 Rafa Jofresa 1573
15 Omar Cook 1553

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