ANDhe Lenovo Tenerife went ahead with today’s match against UCAM Murcia (87-71), in a duel where the people from Tenerife began to dominate from the second quarter.

The important thing was that tenth victory of the Lagunero team this season and even more so in a game that was not easy against UCAM Murcia. The people of Tenerife recovering sensations and continuing with the roadmap in search of achieving the objectives set.

Little by little Lenovo Tenerife was taking control of the game and knew how to maintain the differences until the end of the match. Sasu Salin, Gio Shermadini, but above all Marcelinho Huertas were three of the protagonists in the aurinegro team.

After a good start for Lenovo Tenerife (6-0), the Murcian team was very active and was able to turn the score around (8-9, min. 6) in a tough match, with many stoppages in the game and , above all, with clear errors by both teams.

UCAM Murcia went up to six points ahead in this first quarter (10-16) although the aurinegros managed to reach the first break with only two points down (14-16).

It was from the second quarter when the Lenovo Tenerife was taking command of the match. Shermadini, with two fouls already accumulated, had to return to the field because Fran Guerra was not “in” the game and the team noticed that. His presence on the court gave security to a Lenovo Tenerife that after a run of 11-0 (21-16) began to dominate the match.

That 11-0 run turned into a 16-2 (26-18) run with a Sasu Salin who was beginning to be seen on the court with two important triples. Sito Alonso, coach of UCAM Murcia, was trying to change the dynamics of the clash based on timeouts and changes, but the only one who managed to respond in attack was Taylor, who was a real nightmare for the island team.

Shermadini’s third foul (31-26, min. 17) was a problem for Lenovo Tenerife, but the “patch” made by Vidorreta with Wltjer and Sulejmanovic in the inside game gave the expected results and kept their advantage on the scoreboard.

The direction of Marcelinho Huertas and the success that Lenovo Tenerife was beginning to have led them to take a significant difference that reached 19 points (58-39) in the final stretch of the third quarter.

UCAM Murcia came out in the final quarter ready for anything. He put four “lows” on the court and Cate as the only “five”. He was looking for quick attacks and outside shots and although he initially went 60-46, a dead time by Txus Vidorreta was enough to organize the team again and end up winning 87-71.

Data sheet

87.Lenovo Tenerife (14+24+22+27). Huertas (24), Salin (12), Todorovic (-), Doornekamp (3), Shermadini (12) -initial-, Fitipaldo (5), Rodríguez (-), Sastre (3), Guerra (1), Wiltjer ( 14), Sulejmanovic (13) and Borg (-).

71. UCAM Murcia 71 (16+13+12+30). Taylor (27), Davis (12), Czerapowicz (-), Radovic (3), Lima (9) -initial-, Bellas (6), McFadden (8), Cate (6), Malmanis (-), Masteglu ( -), Rojas (-) and Vasileiadis (-).

Referees: Peruga, Torres and Martinez. They signaled technique to Tomás Bellas (min. 36) and eliminated Doornekamp (min.38) and Bellas (min.39) due to fouls.

Incidents: Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, before some 1,500 people.