Good news for the Asnimo Ágora Portals. After several weeks with the sports discharge of the player Margalida Braque, escort and an important scorer in the team, she joined when she received the sports discharge.


On October 30, fifth day of the league, after a strong impact by two players on a sold ball at midfield, our player Margalida Braque suffered a fracture of the second and third metacarpal of her left hand. A diagnosis that was not long in coming and did not benefit the team at all, with her being the third player out of action since the start of the season.

The start of the league has been tough for Asnimo Ágora Portals, in just 2 months there have been several casualties. Mireia Pascual, the power forward of the red team, had an accident in a weekly training session, a fall with a torn ligament in her left ankle, separating her from the competition for a few months. Forward Andrea Tollar, in the second game of the season suffered a tear in the ACL and both menisci in his right knee, separating her from the competition until next season.

Without a doubt, the incorporation of Margalida Braque is a respite for the team, which has been affected by many incidents throughout these months.

From Asnimo Ágora Portals, we are very happy to recover a player and continue to enjoy watching you play.

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