Maria Spain She has extensive experience as a basketball player in the elite of FEB competitions. After six consecutive seasons in Liga Femenina 2, the player returned to LF Endesa at the hands of a Spar Gran Canaria in which it has been a fundamental piece during these last two years. His average of the course has been 10.8 points and 6.4 of valuation in 30 minutes of game per game.

For the next campaign, the IDK Euskotren has confirmed that the Mallorcan forward will join their ranks. Although, before facing this new challenge, Spain will accompany the U19 women’s team in their participation in the World Cup as a delegate of the coaching staff, a task that allows them “Live basketball in a different way, but also very fun.”

The player has participated in concentrations since the 2017/2018 season in the MHL tournament with the U15F team. It was in 2018 when he coincided with this generation of 2002 that he now accompanies on the way to the U19 World Cup. “Seeing that they start in such small teams and facing them now at LF Endesa is something very nice”he commented.
“It gives the players confidence to have a player as a delegate, when I was in training category selections, our delegate was Noemí Jordana and for us she was a reference”, added the outside, who considers it very positive that the young women share experiences with top-level players.

How was the last concentration with the U19F?

Very well. Being in a FEB team is a pride and a responsibility. I enjoy it and the truth is that there is a desire to see the team compete, for the games to begin and experience again that special thing that represents your country. The experience from the bench is different, it suffers in a different way, but it is also a lot of fun.

How do you see the team heading into the U19 World Cup?

I see it well, the players are motivated to be able to play a World Cup and above all, they feel lucky to play after the pandemic, since they come from a summer without competition.

This year you have played against some of these players, how do you see the level?

I accompanied some of them in U14F, I saw them start in national teams when they were little and that is why playing against them in LF Endesa and in LF2 and continuing to see them in the national team is nice. We have very good basketball insured.

What do you think you can contribute to the players? Do you think the fact that elite players get involved with the quarry is positive?

It gives the players confidence and peace of mind to have a delegate player because they feel understood. They have expressed their joy and enthusiasm that I am in the coaching staff and that makes me very proud. When I was in the lower categories, I had Noemi Jordana as a delegate and for us she was a reference, she played where we wanted to get to play some day and that was very cool.

How do you face the new season with IDK Euskotren?

With a lot of desire. I am very excited about the project and grateful for the opportunity and the trust placed in me. I want to see the team working and competing. For me, we were starting now, I have a long wait.

With your signing for the IDK you will live your second season in a row at LF Endesa, do you think you have settled in the competition?

I have worked hard to feel good, with confidence and with the security of my game. I am very comfortable with myself. Both physically and mentally.

How was the experience of playing again in the Primera Nacional with a team from the Balearic Islands?

I am proud that they have counted on me for a project as beautiful as the sports part of the Asnimo Foundation. For me it is a way to train and improve. I am interested in staying in shape and improving aspects of my game. It has been very exciting to be able to play in Mallorca, in front of my family and friends. I would repeat it a thousand times.