Marianne Kalin will continue to put her work at the service of Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre

Finnish Marianne Kalin will continue at least one more season at Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre. The international pivot, who will turn 24 next week, must confirm her good evolution in her debut in an Endesa Women’s League that, she says, “met my expectations” due to the level of the competition.


Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre Bembibre continues its renewal process for its tenth season in the highest category of national women’s basketball. Finnish Marianne Kalin is the third player to renew her commitment to the Boeza village team. The Nordic pivot of 187 centimeters tall will live her second experience in the Endesa Women’s League after her arrival, at the beginning of last year, from the United States University League (NCAA).

Regarding her return to European basketball, specifically to the Endesa Women’s League, the player acknowledges that “the first year was one of learning. Now that I am more familiar with Spain, the team and the League, I think it will be easier ”, clarifies the Nordic interior, who considers that“ basketball in Europe is much more tactical and the game is more physical. At first it took me a while to adapt, but I like the European style more and I think the return was positive, “says the Finnish post, satisfied with the level of the competition:” I expected it to be very tough, with great teams and players, and it met my expectations ”.

For his part, his coach, Pepe Vázquez, considers that Kalin “is a player who went from less to more and grew in his contribution during the season. In his second year he will do better ”, emphasizes the Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre technician, aware that“ he has been learning. She will have to continue to improve ”, points out the Compostela, who remembers that“ she is a player capable of doing many things, scoring open shots, playing in the positions of 4 and 5. She is capable of fighting with the big pivot of the rival team and playing the important basket ”, he emphasizes.

Kalin: “I enjoy being in Spain and, above all, in Bembibre”

About to turn 24 years old, Kalin, who began his sports career at the Catz de Lappeenranta while still very young, had an interesting career at the New York University of Hofstra before arriving at the town of Boeza. In the Bierzo Alto team he played 29 games last season – one was lost due to injury – in which he averaged more than 3 points in 18 minutes of play. He added 2 rebounds and percentages greater than 50% on the 2-point shooting.

After ensuring its renewal, Kalin affirms that “I am very happy to be able to return to Bembibre. The people and the city make it a good place to play and live ”, argues Lappeenranta’s interior, who assures that“ I enjoy being in Spain and, above all, in Bembibre. It is a small place, but I enjoy being there ”, reiterates the center of the Bembibre team, who hopes“ to improve in confidence and consistency. Now, with this first season of experience, I think it will be easier for me to play ”, he insists.

For his part, Pepe Vázquez, apart from being satisfied with the renovation, confirms that “I am very happy because Marianne brings us many things, specifically, work, human qualities and very important intangibles for coaches. Any coach wants to have players like her, who are generous and who put the team ahead “, highlights the Galician coach, adding that” she is a good partner and has a good character. I value it a lot ”, he sentenced.

Pepe Vázquez: “It is important because of his day-to-day work”

Absolute international, although he did not get a passport for the next continental competition with the Finnish team, he played the qualifying phase for the Eurobasket next summer. Also, Kalin played the European U16 of Division B held in 2013 in Portugal, in which Finland lost in the consolation final. In addition, he participated in the continental championships of the U18 category held in 2014 and 2015 in Romania.

All these experiences, according to Pepe Vázquez, are important because “being international, without looking at the importance of the national team, is meritorious. They competed with important teams at the international level and played good games “, recalls the Santiago de Compostela coach, adding that” they are experiences that he wins, that help him learn. We are very proud of her, regardless of the country ”, underlines the coach of the Bercian squad, who considers that Kalin“ is a player who sometimes does not have so much brilliance, but is important because of her day-to-day work ”.

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