CAB Estepona 2021/2022 begins to take shape and on the track it does so with the renewal of Serbian power forward Marina Markovic, who will be a member of the club for the third consecutive season and will be, one more year, a key piece in the plans of game thanks to his ability to open the field, generate spaces and be a threat from beyond the 6.75 meter line.

Club and player joined their paths in First National and, since then, they have been ascending hand in hand until facing this season the debut in the Women’s Challenge League. Markovic has experience in the highest categories of Spain (reaching a nomination as MVP of the day), Germany, France or Argentina among others and, although he was able to sign for larger teams, he opted for CAB Estepona, a confidence that from the club it is appreciated.

Last season she could not finish it by helping out on the court after a knee sprain had kept her off the courts since mid-December, when she was injured in the match against Picken Claret on matchday 13 of the league; However, he continued to be a support from the band or the stands at all times and, since then, he began to work to recover physically as soon as possible and be able to contribute on the floor. In addition to standing out in the scoring side (8.6 points per game) as was usual throughout his career, he also had an excellent campaign in the rebounding section (6.2 rejections per game, the best mark in his sports career in Europe) and contributed 1.8 assists and 1.3 recoveries in the 24 minutes he averaged on the court until his injury.

“It adapts very well to my way of understanding basketball”

The new coach of CAB Estepona, Bea Pacheco, appreciated the renewal of Markovic, who assured that “he must be an important piece for us this season” due to his playing characteristics. “She is a player who has a lot of experience in Spain and that is very important, as well as knowing the league and having been at the club for two years,” said the Madrilenian, who defined the Serbian as a player whom ” he likes to play both inside and out ”, which he considers“ will serve to open up the field a lot and will provide us with different forms of play ”, giving versatility to his systems. “He has a very good middle and long distance hand and good interior movements, as well as understanding the game very well, which can help the rest of the squad grow and make us better. I think that my way of understanding basketball adapts very well to how she plays and I am convinced that she will be comfortable with the game we propose, “he added.

“I am very happy to renew, I know that we are going to achieve great things”

The player was “very grateful” to learn of the renewal by CAB Estepona, a club that stressed that there is “a very pleasant atmosphere” and assured that “from the first day” he was treated “very well”. “I am very happy to renew one more season, I know that we are going to achieve great things,” he said before talking about the goals for the debut in the Women’s League Challenge: “This season I hope that we will once again be a very competitive team with a lot of character. where we all contribute and that allows us to focus on our sporting goals. One of the intentions with which we face the season is to offer a good and colorful basketball to make the fans enjoy. We hope that, if circumstances allow it, they will support us in each game, filling the stands of Pineda ”.