The Coruña SAD Basketball Club and Marineda Motor sign this union for next season. Thanks to this agreement, first-team players and club members will enjoy the loan of vehicles for the 21/22 season.

Seat Marineda Motor was born in 1967 and from the Seat 600 or 850, a decade later, until today with the León plug-in hybrid or the arrival of Cupra there have been many events that have arisen in these last 54 years but always as a benchmark of the brand in A Coruña. The Spanish Society of Tourism Automobiles (Seat), the Spanish leader in the utility vehicle, opened its subsidiary in A Coruña as a key point in the development of the brand and supply of the automotive sector in Galicia. Thus, Seat Marineda Motor was born in a privileged location (Avenida Alfonso Molina number 2) and from the hands of a decisive architect in the urban development of the Herculean city, Andrés Fernández-Albalat.

Juan Carlos Fernández, vice president of Basketball Coruña, wanted to highlight the importance of this link: “in appreciation of the entire club, for us it is very important that companies as important in the city as you are, support a club like ours. We think that it is the only way to continue growing, with business drive. In addition, I would like to make a small comment, and thank you, especially Juan, for the great detail you had, since the day after the elimination of the playoffs for promotion to the ACB league, was when you contacted us to show your interest in this agreement, which is greatly appreciated.

We believe that it is the way forward and we really hope that this agreement will help to make both brands visible. Without further ado, thank again the Marineda Motor group for this important support, which we hope can be extended for many more years ”.