Leo Rodríguez: “It’s going to be tough but that’s what we want, to challenge ourselves and compete at the highest level”

Spain prepares for Cividale Tournament this weekend in which they will face Slovenia and Italy, two rivals “very hard” and it is that “Slovenia comes with the complete team and the next European Championship will be at home. Italy showed us a week ago, and now playing on their court it will be more complicated”. Therefore, the escort expects two difficult encounters, although she assures that this is what the group wants: “challenge ourselves and compete at the highest level”.

“It is being progressive, there is still a long way to go, we have a good team, a mixture of talent, youth, inspiration, experience and knowing how to be at specific times, I think we are on the right track but there is still a lot to work on”has added.

Leo is one game away from reaching 100 caps with the National Team. A special figure that makes her one of the team’s veterans. “It’s a bit strange but at the same time I feel very happy and privileged to continue wearing this shirt and walk together towards the future”.

María Conde: “In the long run we will see how positive this has been”

The forward has valued that in this concentration “things are going very well. We are listening to each other a lot, in each training session we have to go further, but we are also aware of the moment we are in that we have to do things little by little to get to the weekend in the best way ” .

It is an atypical summer but it will serve to come back stronger. “We are doing things that other teams cannot do, we are training to get closer together, in the long run we are going to see how positive this has been”.

Lastly, Conde spoke about the legacy left by more veteran players. “Many of my age who have had the opportunity to grow with the veterans and who have already been marking the path that we have to follow, we are not inventing the wheel, this was already done, things have worked because there have been a lot of players like Alba, Silvia and Laia, and all those who have come before who have laid the stones on the path that we have to follow, therefore, we have to continue biting”.