ANDthe Real Madrid player, matthew spagnolo has lived an invaluable experience in the NBA Draft Combine, the campus for young players who want to open the door to the NBA. It is the meeting of applicants prior to the Draft ceremony and on many occasions the presence of the League teams is used to establish contacts, have interviews with teams and participate in games and shooting, strength and agility exercises.

During your stay in Chicago English He attended several American media, including Sporting News, to talk about his future plans, which, of course, happen due to his situation in Madrid. The young Italian pearl, who has already debuted under the command of Paul Lasso with the first team in the Endesa League, he has played this season on loan at Cremona in Serie A and has also had minutes with the Italian team in the FIBA ??Windows of classification.

It’s been an amazing process so far because I’ve learned so much during that process.“Said the 19-year-old point guard when asked about his feelings after his first season as a professional. “I have improved a lot this yearIt has been very important for me to make this decision to play as a professional in Italy.”

Englishalthough he experienced the bitter decline of his team in the Lega, he also had the recognition of being chosen as the best young player in the competition: “I think it was a great choice because I had the opportunity to play many, many minutes. against adult men as a professional player. So I think it’s been an amazing choice.”

Madrid is precisely these days thinking about rebuilding part of the squad for next year and the signing of Sergio Rodríguez already sounds like a fixed thing. A English He has two years left on his contract with the whites and it is still not clear whether he will have a place in the first team or end up on loan to another team in the Endesa League where it has a good poster and will not be short of offers. However, the player seems to be clear that sooner or later he will embark on the adventure of the NBA. Asked by Sporting News about this, the point guard said:

“Right now I’m here and I want to play all my cards to get to the NBA, but my future is at Real Madridthat’s for sure. This club has given me everything for three years and I am very grateful for it. And I will remember that forever.”

English He was at the NBA Draft Combine with almost 80 players, almost all Americans and, among them, the one that everyone places as the future number 1 in the Draft, Jabari Smith Jr.. The Italian’s experience was very positive: “I love the competition that there has been. I just limit myself to competing, although this is a very different environment from Europe. The only thing you have to understand is how things work and I am doing it. I think the training here is different. They focus more on individual work and one-on-one situations. But in Europe it is different, it is more focused on the role within the systems and here everything is freer, more one against one. But it’s still basketball.”

Although the initial forecasts place him at the end of the second round, his work in Chicago could earn him some positions. And, depending on when he gets picked, that will or will not clarify his future prospects in the NBA. But in the meantime, the Italian point guard wants to give back to Madrid what the team has done for him.