Joel Parra

“I am very happy, in the end we are all from the previous Ventana, so easier, more rolling, with good sensations and very happy. Sergio asks me to be me, to be aggressive, play my game, and help the team as much as possible”.
“They are very physical players, with an outside line that shoots very well from 3 points, the point guards are very creative. Pustovyi is a very big player. We have to be prepared and not be caught by surprise”.

Yankuba Sima

“These two days have gone very well. We already knew each other in this group, we haven’t had much time but I think it’s enough to prepare for a game as important as tomorrow’s”.
“Dani Pérez is a very good player, a very good game director, I think he can perfectly do what Sergio asks of us. I am delighted to share the post with him both in Manresa and here”.
“It will be difficult to face Pustovyi, he is a very physical player, very big, and he is going to make things very difficult for us. But I already have experience of playing against him in the ACB League, so with maximum intensity and try to win the game”.
“They are Windows, but it is not easy to be here, you have to take advantage of the opportunity because it is a privilege.”

Joan Tailor

“It was a little shorter than usual, but we have reviewed the systems we had, what we want to do against Ukraine and in the three days we have had we have tried to prepare as best as possible”.
“I think that the postponement of the game in Ukraine has been the best thing for everyone, and let’s see if when we can go there the situation is more relaxed”.
“All the tribute paid to Felipe is little, he deserves any tribute, he has been a great player, both for Real Madrid and for the Spanish National Team”.