Ni the covid outbreak, neither an unworthy defense in the first part, nor a more rested Unicaja and with more needs. Nothing can stop a San Pablo Burgos who, with a 78% accuracy in shots of 2, rallied 14 points to settle even further in the playoff zone. McFadden, Rivero, Sakho and an aggressive zone defense drowned out Katsikaris’ men in the second half. And that the malagueños finished with 16 triples. Useless if you don’t defend yourself.

A devilish rhythm took over the parquet as soon as the initial jump took place. Very fast attacks, without consuming even half of the possession, and with the defenses on vacation for Easter. Thompson and Renfroe commanded those first actions until the local triples, with Alberto Díaz signing three almost in a row, opened the first small gap (20-15). Peñarroya, moving the bench a lot, asked loudly for intensity and fouls from his pupils. But no case. Unicaja completed the first ten minutes without missing from 6.75 and dominating 30-24 in the electronic.

A distance that grew slowly but surely. And that Jasiel Rivero and Sakho hit hard in the typewriter area. However, the Burgos defense was leaking everywhere, especially on the corners. Mekel, who sees passes where others meet walls, likes this type of games without restraint. Don’t let the rhythm stop! the Israeli could have shouted while the San Pablo coach swore in Aramaic at the passivity of his team. Irreproducible in these lines what he said to his players. Abromaitis and Brizuela (14 points in the first half) took advantage of the beauty to find open spaces and go to the changing rooms with a comfortable 57-45.

Burgos had to adjust a lot at halftime if they wanted to stay alive in the crash. And by faith they did. With a daring area, their defensive aggressiveness increased several points and left the rival shooters dry for more than three minutes. Until Bouteille broke, again from the corner, the 0-7 start. But the damage for the people of Malaga had already been done. San Pablo, in a titanic effort despite what happened in its squad with the covid, equaled the score in just 7 minutes (65-65). Diaz appeared there, in attack and defense, not only to prevent the wound from bleeding more, but also to regain control (76-70) before entering the final stretch.

He had departed. And more if Brizuela insisted on failing and Díaz could not find support. McFadden smelled weakness and dressed as MVP to command a 0-10 in just 3 minutes with which he turned the scoreboard (76-80). The mini-matches that are seen within a meeting. It would still take a little longer for the typesetter painting, after a time-out, to score its first points in that last act. But Sakho joined the Burgos party (8/8 without failure) to end the Malaga resurrection (81-87) and end up leading San Pablo to a great and deserved victory by 93-101.

Data sheet:

93 – Unicaja (30 + 27 + 19 + 17): Thompson (5), Fernández (11), Brizuela (18), Thomas (-), Bouteille (3) -starting five-, Díaz (14), Alonso (7), Waczynski (9), Abromaitis (12), Guerrero (4), Nzosa (6) and Mekel (4).

101 – Inherit San Pablo Burgos (24 + 21 + 25 + 31): Salash (7), McFadden (26), Rivero (26), Rabaseda (2), Renfroe (10) -starting five-, Queeley (-), Kravic (3), Benite (11), Barrera (-), Sakho (16) and Horton (-).

Referees: Peruga, Martínez and Sánchez.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 28 of the Endesa League, played at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace in Málaga behind closed doors.

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