Maite Cazorla: “It’s a process, it’s a change and it requires continuing to work day by day”

The player Maite Cazorla has spoken about the process of change that the team is going through in this Road to the Future Tour: “It requires continuing to work day by day, the change cannot be overnight but I think we are on the right track. There is a generational change, all those who can come to help are welcome and those of us who have been here the longest are going to help them”.

Regarding the next games that the National Team will play in Italy, the Gran Canaria base has said that they expect two games “hard”but they will be faced “Eager to play, compete and give the best version of the team”.

“Italy is very physical and there they will allow more contacts, but we are going to take care of our own, work and get these games forward”has added.

Miguel Méndez: “We want to experience difficulties in a foreign field and see how we compete”

The Coach has explained the main reason for the dispute of two friendly matches in Italy. “If we only wanted to win, we would have organized the match in Spain, we want to go to another place, experience difficulties in a foreign field and with a different refereeing to see how we compete in that environment”, he pointed out.

Méndez has highlighted that despite being a friendly tournament, the group is motivated and optimistic about the sensations that will be gathered in Cividale. Something that the Coach considers one of the best features of this team.

“We have fulfilled the objectives that we had to prepare these friendly matches and to prepare ourselves in the short and medium term for November and the advantages”, insisted the coach, who believes that one of the fundamental aspects of this Road to the Future Tour is that the players form a homogeneous group. “That they play together, live together and have the same goals”.