Hempe arrived in Zaragoza at the hands of coach Carlos Cantero and Vega Gimeno, to continue the partnership that the three of them developed at Durán Maquinaria Ensino, before becoming part of the red team. After a successful personal and collective campaign, Hempe has been one of the mainstays of the Aragonese team, with notable performances and being a reference on and off the pitch.

Formed in the NCAA with the ‘Lady Bulldogs’ of the University of Georgia, at the end of her university stage, Hempe arrived at the Chemnitz Chemcats in Germany. She then made the leap to the Russian Kazanochka Kazan, before arriving at Cadí La Seu and experiencing her first campaign in Spain. From there she signed for the Mann Filter Stadium Casablanca. A campaign later, she Durán Maquinaria Ensino, where she had Carlos Cantero as coach and Vega Gimeno as partner, before repeating the experience in Zaragoza to sign an excellent campaign.

Although she was in the final phase of her recovery when she arrived in Zaragoza, the North American player was already on the first roster of the season against Leganés. In the Regular League she has averaged 13.6 points, 5.3 rebounds for a PIR of 14.2, the best of her four-year career in Spain. In this campaign, Hempe has played a total of 33 matches, counting the two playoffs and the Copa de la Reina match. Of her averages, the 38.5 in triples stands out, her brightest in the four years of her participation in the Endesa Women’s League.

Her message on confirmation networks was made sitting in her locker in the locker room, in Spanish, to express her joy at continuing the dream dressed in red: “Hello ‘red tide’. This is my site for next year. See you soon”, she managed to say from her seat in the locker room.


“I am especially happy. She has been a player who has continued to grow throughout the season. She has my trust and the affection of the fans, she has been very important to us since she arrived with her injury until the end of the season. She has gone from less to more, in a continuous and ascending progression. She is our inner reference and she will continue to be so. Hopefully she has as good a season as she has been having.”