Silvia Domínguez: “All the successes that may come in the future go through concentrations like these”

The captain Silvia Domínguez stressed that the two matches that Spain plays in Melilla against Italy and Belgium, will serve the group to “catch sensations” and create an identity within the track. “I don’t know if it will be very different from what we had before, but it is important to start having an identity”, due to the multiple incorporations that the team has had in recent years.

All the successes that may come in the future go through concentrations like these”, insisted Domínguez, who also pointed out that the three participating teams face the tournament with notable absences. “It has been a very demanding season, Belgium is going to be in the World Cup and the work they do now is not a priority, we also have absences and what we may be in November, of what we see now, will only be a pinch”.

The Catalan base hopes that the Melilla fans will turn to the National Team. “TWe had a good experience in 2018, there was a very good response and the schools that visited us yesterday brought a lot of color to the stands, I hope that in these two games there can be a good start, I encourage people to come because they will enjoy it and always It’s nice to play at home and feel at home”.

Miguel Méndez: “We have worked very well, but now we need to see it on the pitch”

The National Coach said that the team has worked “very good” all the tactical objectives that are set for the November Window, although, after almost a week of training, the time has come to test the team in competition. “There is a group with very good chemistry, we still need to take the next step, which is to have good chemistry competing for minutes, for roles, competing with each other to improve and be the best possible team”.
The coach added that it has not been a priority to analyze the rivals, since the intention has been “focus on what we want to do with our game, our rotations and our chemistry”. Méndez considered that Italy is a “young” team that is missing its three main stars, Jasmine Keys, Cecilia Zandalisini and Sabrina Cinilli, although it is a squad “physically tough, who competes very well and who surely have the same desire to compete as we do”.