I want to try to build a team that can give us another successful cycle”. This is how he presents his declaration of intentions at the head of the Women’s National Team Miguel Mendez (Vigo, 1967). “There is always a gradual renewal, but in this case it has to be done with respect to the seven, eight main players of the team: the starting five and the first rotations are changing and all the roles are moving forward.”, Analyzes the technician.

From this Thursday in Hungary, where the qualifying phase for the Women’s EuroBasket 2023 will begin, the Women will face a new challenge with the same DNA as always: “We want to be in the fight for the medals. At the same time that we are giving the opportunity to young players, we do not want to lose competitiveness; but to keep fighting for the maximum and to be as high as possible. We want to be on the big dates and meet expectations”.

In its first interview as Coach, Méndez exposes what his philosophy is on the bench. “My style is Spanish, I have worked in clubs here and in the training teams. We have talent and knowledge of the game, so my game is based on those strengths. What I do not discuss is trying to collectivize the game, playing much more from the bases than from the pot. I want that at every moment of the game there are opportunities for all the players to develop their game”, He details. “I always try to make the players better and that they also improve as people. I do not hide anything from them, I try to be as direct and honest with them”He continues.

At the moment when Jorge (Garbajosa, President of the FEB) calls me, my heart jumps. And when the heart jumps, at the very least, it demands that you pass that thought through your brain as well. Both my wife and my children pushed me to move forward. I am very happy and excited to be here”, Concludes Miguel Méndez, new National Coach.