CBarça continues with its immaculate service record in the ACB: nine games and nine victories. Before a Monbus Obradoiro weighed down by his bad percentages in the triples, he exhibited his defensive strength, his physical superiority and his variety of resources in attack to achieve a more placid victory than those he usually achieves in his visits to Sar, where he has not lost since 2014.

In two minutes, Moncho Fernández saw a need for a wake-up call to his pupils after a 2-8 with three triples from Sanli and Mirotic, author of five of those points. The Santiago coach sensed that this bad start could be a slab and he was not misguided. Because soon the defensive implication of the Barcelona team was seen, with a lot of activity and creating a short circuit in the circulation of the ball of the Monbus Obradoiro, which lived off the interior scoring of Birutis and Ellenson and the free kicks.

And without success from the perimeter, against a Barça accurate in attack, with good contributions from Laprovittola -7 points- and Davies, the advantages did not take long to go to the double digits and go up to 13 points after a basket by Jokubaitis (10 -23, min. 9). A triple by Kuric raised it to 15 (13-28). Ellenson broke, with the first triple for the Compostela team, the bad luck of the six previous attempts failed by Obradoiro.

The attacks became more imprecise and the Barcelona team reduced their success in the launch of three points. Barça’s defensive relaxation led to a 7-1 run and Scrubb scored a 31-37 (min. 19) that put Sarunas Jasikevicius in a fury in the subsequent time-out. The anger must have increased with what happened what was left of the room. A triplazo on the edge of the final honk of Scrubb’s first half, after a steal by the Canadian player himself against a bad pass from Calathes, left the advantage of the Barça squad by only three points (36-39).

Obradoiro initially resisted the pulse in the third quarter, despite the erratic streak in triples, thanks to the contribution of Birutis, who scored the first eight points of his team from the interval (42-46). But, with Laprovittola at the helm, Jasikevicius’s team increased the defensive intensity again, dominated the rebound, ran and saw the basket with ease.

A 0-10 partial, with Mirotic stellar and closed with a mate from Hayes, definitely dynamited the game, which seemed decided after a triple by Hayes himself that closed the third quarter and with another basket from the former Zalgiris player at the start of the game. last period (49-67).

The Obradoiro was again entrusted to Birutis, impeccable in attack, although only to threaten the Barça giant. His were, again, the first 6 points, which kept their distance. Barça did not lower their guard or let themselves be carried away despite having everything in favor of work.

While Laprovittola and Calathes took a breath, Davies and Jokubaitis kept the type and everyone else contributed to fatten their stats. There were even minutes for Caicedo with everything already resolved. Huguet also played again for the Santiago team after his testimonial debut against Lenovo Tenerife.

Data sheet

64 Monbus Obradoiro (13 + 23 + 13 + 16): Oliver (3), Robertson (10), Scrubb (10), Ellenson (9), Birutis (24) -titling quintet- Zurbriggen (2), Filipovity (7), Álvaro Muñoz, Beliauskas, Hobbs, Okouo and Huguet.

79 Barça (23 + 16 + 26 + 14): Calathes (6), Laprovittola (13), Hayes (7), Mirotic (18), Sanli (9) -the starting five- Davies (12), Smits (2), Kuric (5), Jokubaitis (6), Martínez, Oriola (1) and Caicedo.

Referees: Hierrezuelo, De Dios Oyón and Fernández.