Niko Mirotic it was the target of criticism in these playoffs because he was not playing well at all. Strange for such a talented player not to see him dominate games more often. However, the Montenegrin Hispanic has chosen the best moment to sign one of his best games as a Barça player. And the best rival.

ACB League: Summary Barcelona 92-73 Real Madrid

It’s not personal, but Mirotic has just taken several tons of weight off his shoulders winning the MVP. Although it is true that Barça came out overwhelming against Madrid in the second game of the final, Niko just played a perfect match. No more can be said that he does not appear in the decisive moments, because he excelled in the symphony of his team. It was simply the best the day the cup was at stake.

Mirotic: “We have put Barça where it deserves”

Mirotic finished with 27 points, five rebounds and a PIR of 35 with a series of dream shots: 5 of 6 in shots of two, 3 of 5 in triples and 8 of 11 in free throws. He erased with a stroke his bad game in Madrid and was chosen MVP. He was the best of the best team, the man who executed Barça’s perfect plan in the game that once again crowned him champion of the Endesa League. And above, against Madrid.

What of Calathes it is scandal. He plays what he wants and usually makes his team play what it owes. And above, it has been found a partner in Pau Gasol who has fed whenever he had the chance. The base has a high precision computer per head that when he works at full capacity he transmits the exact orders to the rest of his teammates because he reads the games like nobody else. A champion team is built on the solid foundations of a great base. Y Calathes It is undoubtedly one of the best in Europe.

He did not have a bad series against Valencia, but the second game against Barcelona de Llull casts concern about his condition. The Spaniard played only 7 minutes, he was left without scoring after failing all four triples he tried and left with a -2 rating. he really subtracted more than he added when he was on the track. it wasn’t good either Rudy, which made 0 out of 3 on triples and Garuba, which finished with 4 points, 3 rebounds and a PIR of 0. Without these three props, Madrid had no option.

And to forget was the party of Cory Higgins, which after its exhibition in Madrid left the Palau with a -5 valuation. He started the game with the MVP award in his pocket and ended up giving it up in a disastrous match on a personal level but excellent on a collective level.

It is possible that Madrid was not a rival for Barça in the final, the two games have been clear for the Barça team, but we should give fair value to the Laso season. You cannot do more with as many problems as you have had. They have all suffered the covid, yes, but the injuries of important men and the escapes to the NBA of decisive players, no. And those have hit the whites squarely. 95% of the teams would have sunk with so many torpedoes. Madrid not only stayed afloat, but managed to reach the final in the ACB and the fifth game in their series against the European champions.