Dfter the two defeats in the final of the Catalan League and the Super Cup, and Sunday’s pájara against UCAM Murcia that almost cost them another setback, Barcelona won with sufficiency on the Gran Canaria court.

Saras Jasikevicius’s team scored the second victory in the domestic competition in as many matches without letting their rival take the lead on the scoreboard. In fact, the Barça fans came out very inspired, scoring their first seven baskets with three-point plays: six triples (Higgins, Hayes, Mirotic and Laprovittola) and a 2 + 1 from Mirotic.

The Gran Canaria players wore a message of encouragement to La Palma on their shirts.
The Gran Canaria players wore a message of encouragement to La Palma on their shirts.

The result reflected a 7-23 in the 8th minute. The Canaries reacted timidly at the hands of the ex-Azulgrana Pustovyi and lowered the income to six points: 17-23. Local tennis player Carla Suárez, who has just hung up her racket, followed the game from the stands with a divided heart.

In the 14th minute, the Turkish center Sertac Sanli, the star signing of this season from Efes and who had missed the start of the season due to a fissure in the big toe of his left foot, made his debut.


Stevic refused to give up and his points led a 9-2 run for Fisac’s men: 35-43. However, it was the day of Mirotic, who signed a 29 of valuation before concluding the third quarter and would finish with a 34.

Davies’ 3-pointer shot the visitors lead to 35-53 with a 0-10 run. The locals ate their possessions due to the defensive intensity of the current League champion.

Barça did not stop there with a Kuric motivated to return to what had been his home. His was another triple that signed 38-58. In the last period, with everything decided, Saras gave way to Unit B. On the track were Sergi Martínez, Laprovittola and Smits.


They did not last long because their coach did not like what he saw and returned Mirotic, Higgins and Calathes to action. Jokubaitis was unprecedented until the final stretch while his teammates did not stop scoring with relative ease: 47-72.

Sanli’s first points in the League came from the free kick. Mirotic broke his tournament rebound record with a total of 16, one more than his previous mark set in the 2011/12 campaign when he wore the Madrid jersey in a derby against Estudiantes.

Data sheet:

64. Herbalife Gran Canaria (17 + 9 + 18 + 20): I. Diop (-), Brussino (6), J. López (2), Pustovyi (11) and Ennis (13) -start team-; Slaughter (10), Shurna (-), Salvo (8), K. Diop (3), Kramer (7), Serrano (-) and Stevic (4).

82. Barça (23 + 18 + 21 + 20): Hayes (7), Oriola (2), Higgins (15), Mirotic (12) and Calathes (8) -starting team-, Davies (8), Sanli (4), Martínez (3), Smits (-), Laprovittola (7), Jokubaitis (3) and Kuric (13)

Referees: Miguel Ángel Pérez Pérez, Vicente Bultó and David Sánchez.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the second day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena before 1,751 spectators.

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